Company enrich tool with LinkedIn

Get logo, specialties, size, sector, and more for any company.

OpenAI automation showcase

Ask OpenAI to perform a wide range of text operations, such as: summarization, classification, sentiment analysis, dummy table creation and data cleanup.

User tweets report

Get the list of the most recent tweets from anyone on Twitter

Google Search Console dashboard

A summary dashboard of your website's search KPIs.

LinkedIn posts report

Retrieve the metrics of your LinkedIn posts

Instagram followers tracker

Track the followers and following of any Instagram user

Stock/crypto price tracker

Track the price for US-listed stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Twitter activity dashboard

A complete dashboard to check the detailed activity of any Twitter account.

Study planner

Create a straightforward study schedule and track your academic progress.

Cash flow model

Keep track and forecast your cash flow and P&L, on a monthly and annual basis

Social media followers tracker

Monitor followers' growth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Blog editorial planner

Manage your blog editorial roadmap

Facebook posts report

Retrieve the metrics of your Facebook posts

On-page SEO content table

Manage your website's on-page SEO content elements and track search performances over time

Pages search metrics report

Compare the main search metrics for your website's pages, such as impressions, CTR and position, in different different time periods.

Personal budget tracker

Track your income, expenses and debts, and analyse them over time.

Personal debt tracker

Keep track of the money you lent to or borrowed from your friends and family.

Suppliers contract tracker

Track your contracts and send email reminders before renewal.

Weekly meetings notes

Keep track of your weekly team meetings.

YouTube video report

Get insights about any YouTube videos, such as views, likes and comments.

Cap table

Build your company cap-table step-by-step, and track its changes over time.

Grade calculator

Track all your grades and get an overview of your GPA and grade evolution over time.

Investment portfolio tracker

Manage your portfolio of stocks, ETFs and crypto with ease. Add a list of your investments, and the built-in integration will add financial data directly in the spreadsheet for you. Set up daily automated updates for easy tracking.

Link-building tracker

Plan and track your link-building activity

Place enriching tool using Google Maps

Find contact information, ratings, reviews, and more

Project to-do list

Keep track of everything you need to get done.

Tweets tracker

Monitor any Tweets that contain specific keywords, @mentions or #hashtags.

Bug tracker

Track issues and bugs in your product, and monitor their status.

Employee equity tracker

Track your employee equity pool (ESOP) allotment and vesting process.

Product launch planner

Plan and keep track of your upcoming product releases.

YouTube channel report

Get insights about any YouTube channel, such as followers and views, including the list of videos with stats.

Blog search performance report

Get insights about your blog from Google Search Console.

Campaign URL builder

Easily build tracking URLs for your user acquisition campaigns

Funding round calculator

Calculate the impact of a new funding round on your existing cap table.

Fundraising tracker

Find your next investors and keep track of your fundraising activity.

Instagram posts report

Retrieve the metrics of your Instagram posts.

Quarterly financial report

Get a comprehensive quarterly financial report of any listed companies, including fundamental analysis of stocks KPIs, income statements, assets and liabilities and cash flows.

Annual financial report

Get a comprehensive annual financial report of any listed companies, including stocks KPIs, income statements, assets and liabilities fundamental analysis.

Cohort analysis

Build your cohort analysis and track user retention over time.

Google PageSpeed comparative audit

Get a comparative audit of different websites' PageSpeed performance

Google PageSpeed detailed audit

Run a detailed PageSpeed audit of any website.

Applicant tracker

Track the inbound applicants for your job openings.

Blog analytics report

Get insights about your blog from Google Analytics.

Growth experiments tracker

List and track your growth experiments

Email enriching tool using FullContact

Enrich contacts' emails with FullContact data

Financial budget

Organize and keep track of your business expenses

User research report

Keep track of the feedback sessions in your User Research analysis

Email marketing campaigns planner

Manage your email marketing campaigns and keep track of the main KPIs

Retweets tracker

Get a list of users who retweeted any tweet

Company VAT info finder

Get the VAT number and score of any company

Rows API tester

Test all the endpoints available with Rows API and simulate requests to retrieve and push data to your Rows account.

Google My Business reviews tracker

Retrieve the Google reviews of your business

Find company domains

Find domains by company name

Email address verification tool

Verify the status of email address and reduce your outreach bounce rate

Facebook follower growth tracker

Monitor the performance of any Facebook page

Company tech stack finder

Get any company's tech stack by domain with BuiltWith

VAT checker

Check the validity of a company's VAT number

SMS tool with Twilio

Run bulk SMS campaigns with Twilio

Google Maps geocoding tool

Find the latitude and longitude of any location

Text translator with Google

Translate text from a source to a target language

Email address finder with Hunter

Find email addresses based on name & company

Text translation with DeepL

Translate text from a source to a target language

SMS tool with MessageBird

Run bulk SMS campaigns with MessageBird

Email sender powered by Rows

Send email campaigns to one or more people

SMS tool with Infobip

Run bulk SMS campaigns with Infobip

Text translation with Microsoft

Translate text from a source to a target language