Grade calculator

Track all your grades to get an overview of their evolution over time and their conversion to GPA.

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editor or live screenshot
editor or live screenshot

This spreadsheet allows you to stay on top of your grades and see its evolution over time. Simply input all your assignments and grades, according to your grading system, and you'll get each semester and the overall course average. You can also use this template to convert you grade to the GPA scale.

How it works

  • Type the maximum grade on your grading system.
  • For each semester, fill in a page like the "Year 1, Semester 1". You'll have to input your classes and for each its credits, evaluation components, weight and grade. You'll then get the final grade for each class and your semester average.
  • You can type in your estimated grade and click on the checkbox once you know it's the final grade.
  • In "Final course grade", see how your grade has evolved through semesters and its conversion to GPA.