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Google Analytics 4 Mobile vs Desktop Report

Find out how much of your site’s traffic comes from iPhones and Android devices versus from desktops and laptop computers—along with which web browser your audience uses and their screen size in a Google Analytics tech report.

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About Google Analytics 4 Mobile vs Desktop Report

Do people browse your website, buy items from your eCommerce store, or read your blog posts on the go, or in the office? Google Analytics doesn’t tell you exactly where people view your site, but it does tell you which device they used to access it. That data tells you how to test your website—and helps you estimate how much time the average viewer will have to read your content.

Google Analytics 4 includes a default Tech overview report with details about which browser, OS, and device category was most used to view your site. To dig in, and see perhaps which phone browser most people use, or if more of your users browse from a large or smaller phone, you can either build a custom report with Google Analytics Explore tools or use this template to see more details about your site’s mobile versus desktop traffic.

With the data in hand, you can use the tech details to infer more about your site visitors. A larger percentage of mobile versus desktop users means people tend to view your site on the go. A higher Firefox or Linux user base might indicate a more tech savvy audience, while a higher percentage of users on the latest iPhone and Android devices could point to an early adopter crowd. Combine that with details about your site’s social traffic, referrers, and more to understand as much as possible about your audience.

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