Templates for every task

Track Twitter mentions with Slack

Monitor hashtags, keywords, or mentions on Twitter

Create Google Analytics dashboards

Set up Google Analytics website metrics dashboards

Track Instagram follower growth

Track the followers and following of any Instagram user

Track social media follower growth

Monitor follower growth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

by Spryng, team

Track Google reviews with Slack

Get timely alerts of new Google business reviews

Find YouTube videos

Retrieve lists of videos enriched with Youtube data

Monitor trending tweets

Get a list of trending tweets based on a keyword, user handle or hashtag.

by Packy McCormick, Not Boring

Get Google Analytics Slack reports

Get daily or weekly metrics reports of your website

Enrich Mailchimp subscribers

Enrich Mailchimp subscribers with Crunchbase data

Find Twitter users

Find Twitter users enriched with description, location, followers and following

Get Facebook Ads campaigns insights

Get a report with the main KPIs from your Facebook Ads campaigns

Follow Twitter users

Automatically follow a list of Twitter profiles

Create GSC/GA dashboards

Set up Google Search Console/Analytics dashboards

Get Google Ads campaigns insights

Get reports with the KPIs from Google Ads campaigns.

Get your Google My Business reviews

Retrieve the Google reviews of your business

Track Twitter follower growth

Track the followers and following of any Twitter user

by Adam J. Ceresko, Senior Product Manager - Scribd

Verify email addresses

Reduce your email bounce rate

Get LinkedIn page followers

Get the number followers of any LinkedIn page