Social media followers tracker

Monitor followers' growth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Twitter activity dashboard

A complete dashboard to check the detailed activity of any Twitter account.

Marketing budget

Organize and keep track of your marketing-related expenses

Google Search Console dashboard

A summary dashboard of your key organic search metrics

Website acquisition channels report

Compare the main metrics across different traffic acquisition channels, using Google Analytics data.

LinkedIn Ads campaigns report

Get a report with the main KPIs from your LinkedIn Ads campaigns

Instagram followers tracker

Track the followers and following of any Instagram user

Twitter mentions tracker with Slack alert

Monitor hashtags, keywords, or mentions on Twitter

Email marketing campaigns planner

Manage your email marketing campaigns and keep track of the main KPIs

Google PageSpeed comparative audit

Get a comparative audit of different websites' PageSpeed performance

Website acquisition device report

Compare the main acquisition metrics across devices - mobile, desktop and tablet - using Google Analytics data.

Google PageSpeed detailed audit

Run a detailed PageSpeed audit of any website.

Blog editorial planner

Manage your blog editorial roadmap

Retweets tracker

Get a list of users who retweeted any tweet

Google My Business reviews tracker

Retrieve the Google reviews of your business

Twitter follower growth tracker

Track the followers and following of any Twitter user

User tweets report

Get the list of the most recent tweets from a user

Facebook follower growth tracker

Monitor the performance of any Facebook page

YouTube channel report

Retrieve the metrics of any YouTube channel

Twitter hashtag tracker

Monitor hashtags, keywords, or mentions on Twitter.

Facebook posts report

Retrieve the metrics of your Facebook posts

LinkedIn posts report

Retrieve the metrics of your LinkedIn posts

SMS tool with MessageBird

Run bulk SMS campaigns with MessageBird

Instagram post metrics report

Monitor the insights of your Instagram posts