AI Analyst ✨ Changelog

Latest updates on the AI Analyst ✨.

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Apr 10, 2024
Analyst 2.0

AI Analyst✨ 2.0

New capabilities

You can now ask AI to generate tables and charts’ subtitles, including the key insights and eye-popping stats from the data. Select the Add subtitle option in a Chart or Table and press Enter. AI does the rest.

Mar 29, 2024
AI Analyst 1.4 ✨

AI Analyst✨ 1.4

New capabilities

The AI Analyst✨ 1.4 release comes with two new improvements to help you answer the data questions that are on your mind:

  1. Suggested questions: The Analyst suggests a list of contextual questions to ask from the dataset, to give your a few ideas to get started.

  2. Smarter replies: We upgraded the analyst ability to answer questions. It has a broader awareness of the dataset, including data types, formats, and key variables in each column. This means you can expect it to answer more questions correctly.

Nov 16, 2023
Time series (1)

AI Analyst✨ 1.3

New capabilities

With the AI Analyst 1.3 release the AI Analyst✨ can now answer growth and forecast questions in time series. Including:

  1. Growth Trends: This feature allows users to explore and understand historical growth patterns in key metrics. For example, examine the compounded growth rate of specific metrics, such as impressions, over a selected period (e.g., the last ten days).

  2. Forecasts: The Analyst can now forecast future performance indicators (using linear regression). Users can ask questions like estimating the expected number of clicks or other relevant metrics for the upcoming week, enabling more informed planning and strategy development.

Nov 7, 2023
AI Analyst 1.2 cover

AI Analyst✨ 1.2

Support for vertical tables

The Analyst can now analyze tables with vertical headers such as quarterly financial reports, P&L statements and other tables where the first row represents a date or time.

Vertical tables

Start anywhere on the table

The Analyst can now be used to analyze tables located anywhere on the grid. The Analyst will now look for the first cell with data and assume that as the starting location of the dataset.

Start anywhere on the table

Jul 26, 2023
AI Analyst 1.1 IMG 1

AI Analyst✨ 1.1

Add Quick insights to the table description

You can now add the AI insights directly to the description of the table. A new, simpler way to communicate all that AI wisdom.

AI Analyst 1.1 IMG2

Improved formatting for Deep dives

The results of Deep dives now inherit the cell format from the source table.Currencies are formatted as currencies, percentages as percentages, numbers as numbers.

Jun 14, 2023
AI Analyst introduction

AI Analyst✨ 1.0

Introducing the AI Analyst ✨

The AI Analyst is like a number-crunching sidekick. It summarizes the main take-aways from any dataset, runs in-depth analysis, and answers any questions you might have about your data. It is available in every Table of a spreadsheet. To access it, click the ✨ on the top-right corner of the Table, next to the Table settings.

When you open the AI Analyst✨ you’ll see three separate sections, which correspond to its three core features.

Quick insights

These are top level insights about your table. The AI Analyst scans your dataset, understands the key variables and provides you with a summary in 3-5 sentences with relevant KPIs about those variables, calculating averages, medians, minimum, max values and more.

Deep dives

This is the second level of AI analysis. The AI Analyst extracts trends, generates pivot tables, and identifies patterns in the data. You can add any of these deep dives as tables to your spreadsheet, and use it to add Charts or Embed the results somewhere else.

Custom questions

Finally, you can use the AI Analyst to ask question about the dataset. The Analyst can answer your queries, making it much simpler to find specific trends, create pivot tables and extract specific information about the dataset

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