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“With Rows, I easily created a list with a real-time overview of all the social media data of the Spryng pages.”

Nathalie Belchior Massa

Marketing & BD Manager, Spryng

“I've been using rows to track my daily twitter following growth so I can see both daily and week over week growth.”

Adam J. Ceresko

Senior Product Manager, Scribd


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Facebook Page Insights Report

Discover key insights about your Facebook Page and posts, such as engagement, impressions, feedbacks reactions and followers growth.

Google Analytics 4 Landing Page Report

Find your website’s top landing pages, see which sites referred the most traffic, and analyze which pages and sources received the most pageviews, had the lowest bounce rate, or saw the most engaged audience.

Google Search Console Performance Report

Deep dive into your website Google Search Console performance metrics. Find top-performing and least effective pages, average position over time, device, country and search appearance breakdown of your search traffic.

OpenAI text classifier

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to classify or tag text into user-defined categories.

Facebook Ads Campaign Report

Get a comprehensive report of your Facebook Ads campaigns, focus on spending and objectives and determine the ROI of your marketing investment.

Google Ads PPC Report

Find your website’s Google Ads and Google Analytics paid search analytics with your total ad spend, average CPC, top ads and search keywords, and a comparison of your average site users versus those that came in from ads.

Google Analytics 4 Engagement Rate Report

Chart and compare which pages had the highest number of site visitors who stayed for 10+ seconds or triggered a conversion event.

Google Analytics 4 SEO Keywords Report

Find the keywords that bring the most people to your website, see what people search about on your site, and hone in on organic search terms that individual pages on your site rank for on Google.