Goodbye scripts, hello no-code spreadsheet

No more scripts, add-ons, and VBA. Connect your internal APIs, automate everyday workflows and build spreadsheet tools fast. All without code.

Super cells

Turn your spreadsheets into data hubs. Connect to internal APIs and build automations that keep data in sync and your workflows running smoothly.

  • API integration

    Connect REST APIs using our unique HTTP functions — GET, PUT and POST. Think Postman meets spreadsheet.

  • SCHEDULE function

    From every minute to every month, schedule updates that refresh any cell using natural language.

  • Database operations

    Turn any table into a database with custom formulas to insert, update, or overwrite data inside the spreadsheet.

  • JSON support

    Use PARSE to handle JSON data inside a cell and build custom objects with RANGE2JSON and PAIR2JSON.

  • AI integration

    Use ASK_OPENAI to summarize, classify, translate and create content using GPT-3.

  • QUERY function

    Use SQL-like language to filter and transform tables, cells or JSON objects.

Interactive tools for your team

Turn your spreadsheets into interactive forms or dashboards that get the work done for you. Collaborate with your team or external partners.

  • Buttons

    Add to your spreadsheet slick buttons to build in a function and execute it with one click.

  • Input fields

    Use input fields to let other users enter data themselves into a live spreadsheet.

  • Forms

    Build interactive tools with forms that your users can fill for real-time collaboration.

  • Date pickers

    Add a new layer of interaction with date pickers and date ranges.

  • Dropdown

    Use dropdowns with values from a range of cells or a fixed list of items.


Read and write data to any spreadsheet programmatically with our REST API or use any of our connectors to import or export data to a spreadsheet in Rows.

  • Import data from +5,000 apps with the new Rows connector in Zapier.

  • Add a new layer of automation to your spreadsheets with

  • Create rich Looker Studio reports using data from your spreadsheets.

Coming soon

Upgraded Rows API

More endpoints for fetching and writing data and new connectors to the API.

Function builder

Create and save your own custom formulas to use it for yourself or to share it with the community.

More advanced functions

We’re bringing even more advanced functions to handle data, use in finance and much more.