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Google Maps Address Geocoding

Find the geocodes (latitude and longitude) of any address or location. And viceversa.

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About Google Maps Address Geocoding

What is an Address Geocoding Tool

Do you have an address, location, zipcode, or a list of places that you want to convert into their geographic coordinates? This template uses Google Maps API to batch geocode places and return their latitude/longitude locations instantly, all in a spreadsheet!

How to use this Address Geocoding Tool

Use the first table 1 to get the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of any address or places of interest

  • Input the location name and/or address in column A of the table below.
  • Column B will automatically acquire geocode data through our GEOCODE_GOOGLE() function.
  • The latitude, longitude, and full formatted address will display in columns C, D, and E respectively.

Use the second table to do the reverse: start from coordinates and get the address:

  • Input latitude and longitude in columns A and B.
  • Column C will automatically reverse the codes and provide the full address through our REVERSE_GEOCODE_GOOGLE() function.

Practical use cases for an Address Geocoding Tool

Using our geocoding tool can greatly enhance the efficiency of various tasks involving location data.

  • Optimize Delivery Services: Convert a list of customer addresses into precise latitude and longitude coordinates, allowing you to accurately map out delivery locations.
  • Efficient Route Planning: With geographic coordinates, you can easily plot optimal delivery routes on a map, ensuring your drivers navigate efficiently and reduce travel time.
  • Accurate Reverse Geocoding: Use latitude and longitude data to find exact addresses, helping you verify delivery locations or keep your customer database up-to-date with accurate location information.

How it works

How it works

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