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Social media followers tracker

Monitor the number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube and track their growth over time.

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About Social media followers tracker

What is a Follower Tracker?

Tracking the number of followers on social media every week sounds like a pretty easy task, but there aren’t many free tools to do so that are simple and intuitive.

Plus, what if you need to track your (or your competitors') follower base on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube? That’s 4x the work!

The ideal place for it seems to be a spreadsheet: it's familiar, handy, and easy to share. This Rows template automates the process, by integrating with all the main social media APIs and allowing you to monitor follower counts effectively without the need to manually record them.

How to Use the Social Media Followers Tracker template

All you need to do is to input any Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube account name and then turn on tracking!

Rows will automatically fetch your followers from each channel ever day and build a log that will be plotted with a line chart to show your progress over time. This setup simplifies what traditionally is a repetitive and time-consuming task.

How many people follow my account on social media?

Some social media, especially those that are mobile-first, tend to approximate the number of follower above the 10,000 threshold. This is the case of Instagram, where 184.852 followers are rounded up to 184k. This approximation gets particularly rough for big audiences (think of an account with 10M followers). As a result, especially for mature accounts, monitoring a granular growth may be difficult.

This Social media followers tracker allows you to log over time the exact statistic and plot the accurate trend over time.

Why Tracking Social Media is Important in Your Marketing Strategy

Tracking your social media followers isn't just about knowing how many people follow your accounts; it’s crucial for understanding your audience better and fine tuning your marketing strategy.

As a marketer, this free template for checking Social media follower counts can help you with various tasks

Competitor Analysis

Knowing not only your own follower count but also that of your competitors is crucial. This free template allows you to effortlessly check competitors' follower counts, facilitating performance comparison and identification of improvement areas.

Measuring Growth and Engagement

Monitoring your follower count over time enables you to assess if your content is resonating with your target audience. This free template simplifies the tracking of follower growth over time and helps measure the overall quality of your content.

Influencer Marketing

Social media and particularly Instagram are key platform for influencer marketing.This free tool enables quick checks of potential influencers' follower counts, helping evaluate their reach and popularity with your target audience, which supports better decision-making for partnerships and campaign planning.

How it works

How it works

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Once all the integrations have been connected, all tables will update automatically with your own data. Click on 'Edit Source' to change the retrieved data and automate the data refresh. You can then insert a chart or a pivot table, add a column or personalize formats, using all the regular functions and shortcuts that make spreadsheets great.

Embed tables and charts

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Can I use Rows for free?

Yes, Rows comes with a Free plan that includes unlimited spreadsheets and templates, unlimited workspace members, up to 10 guests and up to 50 integration tasks per month. Discover more about our pricing plans.

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