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About Fundraising tracker

What is a Fundraising Tracker

As a startup's founder, a great part of your activity deals with raising money. Crafting a compelling narrative and effectively pitching it to well-selected investors is crucial to navigating this process successfully and ensuring your company’s growth and success.

This fundraising tracker is an essential companion in this journey, helping you organize and streamline your efforts to secure the necessary funding.

How to Track Your Fundraising Efforts

The first page of the template contains project management tools that help you track and manage every conversation and interaction you have during your fundraising activities:

  • Use the List Table to track all your conversations with potential investors, such as VCs, PEs, Family Offices, and Angel Investors.
  • Add Detailed Information such as the contact details, the amount of capital you aim to raise
  • Using the Firm category (tier 1, tier 2, ...) helps you prioritize your efforts, capitalize on feedback, and ensure your pitch is perfect when presenting to Tier 1 investors.
  • Update the status of the conversation to track progress (e.g., second call, term sheet negotiation, due diligence).
  • The Commitment column will automatically detect if you are at the term sheet signing stage onwards and mark the capital as committed.
  • Two charts plot the distribution of your conversations, such as how many are in the decision phase, how many have term sheets, etc, and the total money committed vs. open vs. out.

How to Use the Investor Database

The second page contains an easy investor lookup. To get the best out of it, just enter a city: our Company Search API will display a list of the most relevant VCs, PEs, Investment Management firms, and Family Offices in that area, providing you with targeted options for potential investors.

Use Cases for Tracking Your Fundraising Activity

Tracking your fundraising activity may help across various scenarios. First of all, to measure your performance: regularly update and review your fundraising progress, allowing you to adjust your strategy and improve your chances of securing the necessary funds for your startup.

Second, to fine-tune your strategy, i.e. identify investors who are most likely to be interested in your business, based on their location and investment focus, prioritize the pitch order to make sure you will shine to the best ones!

Finally, this Fundraising tracker will also contribute to maintaining a centralized repository of all investor contacts and deal-related information, facilitating better organization and quicker access to crucial data, and ultimately improving communication: Keep track of all communications with investors, ensuring you can follow up appropriately and maintain strong relationships.

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