OpenAI automation showcase

Ask OpenAI to perform a wide range of text operations, such as: text summarization, extraction, classification, sentiment analysis, rewriting and content generation.

Google Analytics 4 Content Group Report

Quickly create content groups by URL keywords to see how those pages perform with specific user groups and demographics.

Google Analytics 4 Engagement Rate Report

Chart and compare which pages had the highest number of site visitors who stayed for 10+ seconds or triggered a conversion event.

Google Analytics 4 Landing Page Report

Find your website’s top landing pages, see which sites referred the most traffic, and analyze which pages and sources received the most pageviews, had the lowest bounce rate, or saw the most engaged audience.

Google Analytics 4 Mobile vs Desktop Report

Find out how much of your site’s traffic comes from iPhones and Android devices versus from desktops and laptop computers—along with which web browser your audience uses and their screen size in a Google Analytics tech report.

Google Analytics 4 Page Comparison Report

Compare Google Analytics and Search Console stats for any two pages on your website versus your site’s baseline to see engagement rate, bounce rate, top search keywords, and more across the pages that matter most.

Google Analytics 4 SEO Backlink Checker

Get the list of backlinks sending the most referral traffic to your website and analyze which incoming links send the most active and engaged users.

Google Analytics 4 Social Media Report

Find out how much of your site’s traffic comes from social media, with Google Analytics stats for Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, and more, along with how engaged your social media traffic is versus your site average.

Google Analytics 4 User Report

Learn more about your website visitors with Google Analytics data on traffic source, medium, age range, gender, language, region, interests, and more.

Google Search Console Performance Report

Deep dive into your website Google Search Console performance metrics. Find top-performing and least effective pages, average position over time, device, country and search appearance breakdown of your search traffic.

Google Ads PPC Report

Find your website’s Google Ads and Google Analytics paid search analytics with your total ad spend, average CPC, top ads and search keywords, and a comparison of your average site users versus those that came in from ads.

Google Analytics 4 SEO Keywords Report

Find the keywords that bring the most people to your website, see what people search about on your site, and hone in on organic search terms that individual pages on your site rank for on Google.

Google Search Console Blog Traffic Report

Investigate your blog traffic by looking into top performing pages and keywords, average position over time and tracking other blog metrics relevant to your SEO strategy.

Google Search Console Keyword Cannibalization Checker

Check if your site suffers from keyword cannibalization issues, with pages that serve the same purposes and rank for identical target keyword(s) with same search intent.

Google Search Console Keyword Research Report

Focus on non-branded keywords that generate traffic to your website in three steps: identify high-value queries to keep in your SEO strategy, find high-potential queries to work on and spot SEO easy wins.

OpenAI sentiment analysis tool

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to run a sentiment analysis on a text, such as a social comment or a user review, and determine if the emotional tone is positive, negative, or neutral.

OpenAI task executor

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to execute specific tasks on data, such as removing or replacing chars, detecting patterns, or converting formats.

OpenAI text classifier

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to classify or tag text into user-defined categories.

OpenAI text extractor

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to extract portions or concepts from data, such as features, locations, insights, or codes.

OpenAI Ad content generator

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate Ad content for your product, such as headlines, sub-headlines and body copies.

OpenAI fact finder

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to find any fact about a given subject.

OpenAI keywords misspellings generator

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate common keywords misspellings.

OpenAI meta description generator

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate meta descriptions for your pages.

OpenAI product description generator

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate product description from a set of features.

OpenAI product title generator

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate product titles based on a description.

OpenAI summarizer

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to summarize a text using specific tones of voice, such as casual, witty or professional.

Stock/crypto price tracker

Track the price for US-listed stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Facebook Ads Report

Get a comprehensive report of your Facebook Ads campaigns, focus on spending and objectives and determine the ROI of your marketing investment.

Facebook Page Insights Report

Discover key insights about your Facebook Page and posts, such as engagement, impressions, feedbacks reactions and followers growth.

TikTok Follower Counter

Track the followers count of your TikTok account.

OpenAI keywords generator

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate keywords for your product.

Study planner

Create a straightforward study schedule and track your academic progress.

OpenAI rewriter

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to rewrite a text following user-defined instructions.

Blog editorial planner

Manage your blog editorial roadmap, schedule post, track status, assign to editors.

On-page SEO content table

Manage your website's on-page SEO content elements and track search performances over time.

Pages search metrics report

Compare the main search metrics for your website's pages, such as impressions, CTR and position, in different different time periods.

Personal Debt Tracker

Keep track of the money you lent to or borrowed from your friends and family.

YouTube video report

Get insights about any YouTube videos, such as views, likes and comments.

Cap table

Build your company cap-table step-by-step, and track its changes over time.

Grade calculator

Track all your grades and get an overview of your GPA and grade evolution over time.

Link-building tracker

Plan and track your link-building activity

Project to-do list

Keep track of everything you need to get done.

Bug tracker

Track issues and bugs in your product, and monitor their status.

Employee equity tracker

Track your employee equity pool (ESOP) allotment and vesting process.

Product launch planner

Plan and keep track of your upcoming product releases.

YouTube channel report

Get insights about any YouTube channel, such as followers and views, including the list of videos with stats.

Campaign URL builder

Easily build tracking URLs for your user acquisition campaigns

Funding round calculator

Calculate the impact of a new funding round on your existing cap table.

Fundraising tracker

Track your fundraising activity, log your conversations and use our investor database to build your fundraising strategy

Cohort analysis

Build your cohort analysis and track user retention over time.

Google PageSpeed detailed audit

Run a detailed PageSpeed audit of any website.

Applicant tracker

Track the inbound applicants for your job openings.

Blog analytics report

Get insights about your blog from Google Analytics 4.

Growth experiments tracker

List and track all your growth experiments.

User research report

Keep track of the feedback sessions in your User Research analysis

Email marketing campaigns planner

Manage your email marketing campaigns and keep track of the main KPIs.

VAT Number Lookup

Find or check company VAT number and extract related information.