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Google PageSpeed detailed audit

Run a detailed PageSpeed audit of any website.

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editor or live screenshot

Today's world is flooded with information and people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. As a result, the loading performance of your website is key to ensuring a great on-page user experience. In addition, all main search engines are embedding results' page speed as a relevant measure for their ranking algorithms.

This template allows you to have a detailed overview of all main performance KPIs and keep track of their evolution over time.

How it works

  • Choose a URL and the mode in the 'Setup' table, and hit the button 'Get insights' to run the test
  • The test results, including FPC, LCP, CLS, and FID numeric values and scores will be displayed in the 'Current PageSpeed Insight' table.
  • Choose a schedule to automatically refresh the data for tracking purposes. All test results will be stored in the 'Insights log' table.