OpenAI rewriter

Use OpenAI ChatGPT to rewrite a text following user-defined instructions.

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editor or live screenshot
editor or live screenshot

In digital marketing, the right content and tone of voice are vital for capturing the attention and engagement of a target audience. Content acts as a crucial medium, connecting brands with consumers, while the tone of voice conveys a brand's personality, building trust and rapport. These elements must resonate with the intended audience to be effective in a highly saturated digital environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in this context, employing advanced analytics and machine learning to tailor content and tone precisely, ensuring they align seamlessly with audience preferences and behaviors.

Use this template to get familiar with our REWRITE_OPENAI function.

How it works

  • Use the first table to learn about the function parameters
  • In the Example table, drag the formula down to see AI rewrite two different texts based on specific instructions.