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Use OpenAI ChatGPT to extract portions or concepts from data, such as features, locations, insights, or codes.

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About OpenAI text extractor

Data analysis and extraction have become pivotal in the journey of startups, providing a fundamental foundation to understand market dynamics and consumer behavior. By meticulously examining and extracting key data points from customer interactions, market trends, and competitor activities, startups can derive critical insights that are essential for their growth and strategic planning. This process not only assists in creating targeted marketing strategies and product development but also plays a vital role in decision-making and identifying new opportunities.

In the digital era, where data is generated at an unprecedented scale, the ability to efficiently analyze and extract relevant information positions startups to respond swiftly to market changes, tailor their offerings to consumer needs, and carve a niche in competitive industries. Data analysis and extraction, therefore, are not just tools but essential elements that empower startups to innovate, scale, and succeed.

Use this template to get familiar with our EXTRACT_OPENAI function.

  • Use the first table to learn about the function parameters
  • In the Example table, drag the formula down to see AI extract a diverse set of elements from a text
  • Use the last table to dive deep into a common use case: extracting feature requests from a list of product feedback.

How it works

How it works

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