OpenAI automation showcase

Ask OpenAI to perform a wide range of text operations, such as: summarization, classification, sentiment analysis, dummy table creation and data cleanup.

Google Sheets data importer

Import a cell range from a Google Sheet spreadsheet

Stock/crypto price tracker

Track the price for US-listed stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Study planner

Create a straightforward study schedule and track your academic progress.

Personal budget tracker

Track your income, expenses and debts, and analyse them over time.

Personal debt tracker

Keep track of the money you lent to or borrowed from your friends and family.

Weekly meetings notes

Keep track of your weekly team meetings.

Grade calculator

Track all your grades and get an overview of your GPA and grade evolution over time.

Investment portfolio tracker

Manage your portfolio of stocks, ETFs and crypto with ease. Add a list of your investments, and the built-in integration will add financial data directly in the spreadsheet for you. Set up daily automated updates for easy tracking.

Project to-do list

Keep track of everything you need to get done.

Bug tracker

Track issues and bugs in your product, and monitor their status.

Product launch planner

Plan and keep track of your upcoming product releases.

Applicant tracker

Track the inbound applicants for your job openings.

Growth experiments tracker

List and track your growth experiments

Financial budget

Organize and keep track of your business expenses

User research report

Keep track of the feedback sessions in your User Research analysis