Personal Debt Tracker

Keep track of the money you lent to or borrowed from your friends and family.

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About Personal Debt Tracker

What is a Personal Debt Tracker

Keeping track of what you lent to and borrowed from your roommates or at the restaurant with a group of friends is not always easy. With this simple template, you can record all debts and credits and easily get a summarized view of all the positions you need to settle with your friends and family.

How to Track Personal Debts

This Personal Debt Tracker leverages the flexibility of a spreadsheet table combined with some interactive feature that makes it work like a web app.

  • Add a new debt, stating if you're the one who owes or is owed money.
  • All your entries are logged in the 'Debt list'.
  • On the 'Summary' table you'll get the final amount per person. If it's negative it's a credit - you are owed money; if it's positive, it's a debt - you owe money.

Practical Use Cases for Personal Debt Tracker

Some practical use cases include:

Shared Household Expenses

Split utility bills, rent, and groceries with roommates. Track who paid for household items and how much each person owes or is owed.

Dining out with friends

Easily track who covered the bill and how much each participant needs to reimburse.

Travel and Vacation Costs

Manage shared costs during trips, such as accommodation, transport, and meals. Ensure all travel companions have a clear view of their financial contributions and debts.

Record loans given to or received from friends and family.

Monitor repayment schedules and outstanding balances.

Subscriptions and Memberships

Share costs for streaming services, memberships, or subscriptions. Keep an accurate tally of each person’s share and payments.

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How it works

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