Your personal Data Analyst

Access the power of AI to analyze, summarize and transform data. Build better spreadsheets, faster.

Analyze data faster

Skip the formulas and go straight for the insights.
Quick insights
Summarize the key takeaways from your dataset at a glance.
Deep Dives
Go beneath the surface to see the trends and patterns in the dataset.
Ask questions
Want to know something? Just ask.
The power of ChatGPT inside a spreadsheet. Without scripts, add-ons or code.

Classify and Tag text

Bring clarity to unstructured data. Tag and classify any type of text automatically.
Social media posts
Categorize social sentiment and get a real-time pulse of your online presence.
Support tickets
Transform tickets into insights for faster resolutions and happier customers.
Feedback surveys
Turn feedback into action. Know what your customers love and what you still need to work on.
Product reviews
Extract the most important insights from online product reviews.

Execute marketing campaigns

Never start from blank again. Just let AI write the first draft of anything for you.
Keywords ideas
Generate unlimited keyword ideas for SEO, paid campaigns and all-things-marketing.
Keyword themes
Identify powerful keyword themes to tie your marketing campaigns together.
Blogpost titles
Generate infinite ideas for blogpost titles, content themes and briefs.
Blogpost outlines
Go from idea to a working draft much faster. Your 24/7 AI writing partner.

Summarize and transform text

Apply logic rules to text, summarize and translate it to any language.
Product feedback
Digest customer feedback quickly and summarize it in the best format to take the next step.
Need to clean up location data? Use AI can extract zip codes, street names, zip codes and more.
Lead lists
Remove legal jargon from company names and automate other nagging tasks that keep you from closing deals.
NPS surveys
Make sense of NPS comments with confidence. Translated from any language, summarized to any style.

Ask Anything

Merge the versatility of a spreadsheet with the potential of AI to augment your work.
One formula
Use ASK_OPENAI to send custom prompts and use specific AI models from OpenAI.
Cell references
Use cells references inside the prompt to make it dynamic.
Flexible formulas
Add any formula inside the prompt. Concatenate text, perform calculations, and more.

Questions & answers

  • The AI Analyst is available to all users. You can access it in the ✨ icon next to the filer and settings options of any table.
  • The OpenAI integration is available in the Integrations gallery.