Charts overview

Get an overview of all the steps involved in creating a simple, interactive web application.

At Rows, we want to help you create reports that you’re proud to share. We know that it helps to build trust when your reports look professional and well designed.

If you want to create impactful reports and dashboards, you need good-looking charts. But it can be hard to make them visually appealing. That’s why we’ve tried to make our charts as easy to use as possible.

Here’s an example of our charts on different devices.

Device preview: SmartphoneDevice preview: Laptop
  • In Google Sheets or Excel, you insert charts into a sheet, sometimes directly on top of your data. You can move them around but they can make a sheet look messy.
  • In Rows, charts always get their own section just like a table. When you’re ready to share your spreadsheet, you can hide the source data and only show the charts.

To get started with charts, try these guides:

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