What's Rows

Want to know why we exist? What Rows is? What sets us apart?

Spreadsheet basics

Learn basic spreadsheet terminology and concepts such as the difference between functions and formulas, as well as cells, ranges and data types.

Signing up and Signing in to Rows

Learn how to sign up and sign in to Rows using Google authentication or by entering your email address.

How to install Rows as an App

Learn how to install the Rows Progressive Web App using Chrome from desktop or Safari on mobile.

Editing Tables and Pages

Learn how to perform standard editing tasks such as reordering and renaming tables.

Getting to know the spreadsheet editor

Create a simple empty spreadsheet and get to know the spreadsheet editor.

Importing CSV, XLSX and GSheets files

Learn how to import data from other sources such as Google Sheets or a CSV file.

Find and Replace data on the editor

Learn how to find and replace data on the spreadsheet editor.

Selecting cells and inserting cell references into formulas

Learn how to automatically insert cell references into your formulas and understand the limitations of the point-and-click feature.


Using the AI Analyst

Learn how to use the Rows AI Analyst to summarize, analyze and answer questions about your datasets.

Understanding the difference between Tables and Forms

Learn the important differences between Tables and Forms and how they behave in live mode.

Adding interactive action elements and form fields

Learn how to add fields such as buttons, text fields, checkboxes and date pickers.

Switching to Rows from another (lamer) spreadsheet

How to adjust to Rows if you're used to other spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

Getting started overview

Get started quickly with the usual spreadsheet basics as well as some special features that you won't find anywhere else.


Filtering and sorting

Filtering and Sorting tables


Quick Commands

Quick Commands let you easily access useful global or contextual actions within the Rows app.

Using templates

Learn how to search for, install, and use templates.

Keyboard shortcuts

Format, access, navigate and do so much more - all from the ease of your fingertips!

Platform limits

To give you the best experience using Rows, we have a few limits in place for now.