Rows for Advanced users

Rows is great for Advanced users - learn how to work with APIs, manipulate JSON, and use multiple integrations.

Authenticating your API calls

Learn about authentication in APIs: the different types, how to use them, and how to read API documentation to find what you need.

Parsing data manually

Learn how to parse and manipulate JSON data manually.

Expanding data cells and Insert to other tables

Learn how to automatically insert data from JSON or other tables using OVERWRITE(), INSERT(), and UPDATE().

Using BigQuery with Rows

Learn how to use the BigQuery integration and its functions to query your tables using SQL directly within Rows spreadsheets.

Using Snowflake with Rows

Learn how to use the QUERY_SNOWFLAKE() function to query your Snowflake databases, schemas, and views using SQL directly within Rows spreadsheets.

Using QUERY and understanding the Rows Query Language

Filter and transform data from a range of cells using an SQL-like language.

Scheduling and repeating actions

Learn how to automate your spreadsheets using REFRESH, REPEAT, and SCHEDULE.

Filtering data with functions FILTER and FILTER_COLUMNS

Learn how to use the FILTER and FILTER_COLUMNS functions to build specific views on your data.

Working with integrations

Learn about the different types of integrations, how to connect them and how to use their functions.

Debugging integration connections

A few ways in which you can try and identify what's causing an integration function to error out.

Creating Tables from complex data structures

An introduction to UNNEST and FLATTEN and how they can help you optimize complex data structures for better-looking Tables.

Creating tables out of your data

How to insert data into dynamic tables with the `OVERWRITE()`, `INSERT()`, and `UDPATE()` functions.

Using AUTOFILL to automatically fill a row or column

Use the `AUTOFILL` function to apply the same formula to each row in a neighboring table—even when the table changes dynamically.

Creating scheduled and repeating tasks

How to schedule and repeat certain tasks at regular intervals.

Managing your integrations and switching accounts

How to review your active integrations, disconnect ones you don't need, and use multiple accounts.

Filtering with JsonPath

Learn to use advanced JsonPath to get and filter for specific data points.

Filtering JSON responses with JSONPath

How to use advanced JSONPath to get and filter for specific data points.

Managing multiple integrations

Learn about how to use two or more of the same integration at the same time.

How to connect Snowflake with Rows

Learn how set up the connection between Snowflake and Rows

Platform limits

To give you the best experience using Rows, we have a few limits in place for now.