Table of Contents: Marketing Playbook

Learn how marketers use Rows to set up ads reports, build Google Analytics and Search Console dashboards and monitor social media activity.


The Marketing Playbook is a collection of articles on how to leverage Rows to deal with some of the most common marketing activities. Each chapter illustrates tasks related to specific marketing subfields: let's go through them one by one.

Social media management

Social media management refers to a broad set of actions, devoted to the management and expansion of businesses social media accounts.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing includes any advertising activity whose spending is proportional to quantitative results metrics, such as impressions and/or clicks. This is now the most common way of conducting online marketing, both on social media, search engines, and other ads platform.


SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' and comprehends a variety of tasks whose aim is to improve the rank position of your website on the main search engines.

Growth marketing

Growth marketing is a subfield of marketing that refers to various activities that go beyond the traditional marketing model (positioning and channeling a product or service). It focuses on growth and scale, leveraging analytics coming from product or comms experiments, sales campaigns, or data acquisition.

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