Rows for Advanced users

Rows is great for Advanced users - learn how to work with APIs, manipulate JSON, and use multiple integrations.

Rows loves advances spreadsheet users!

Rows Advanced aims to get you comfortable with using APIs in Rows, as well as using some more advanced JsonPath and modifying existing JSON yourself.

In this group of articles you can learn about:

  1. Authenticating your API calls

  2. Getting data from any API

  3. Sending data to any API

  4. Modifying JSON

  5. Filtering with JsonPath

  6. Managing multiple integrations

Even if you’re not familiar with APIs and JSON yet, go on! The articles explain them in such a way that you can understand and start using them quickly. Without all the other complicated stuff engineers need to handle: hosting, deployments, multiple environments, and so on, we give you all the power - straight from a spreadsheet!

Ready? We recommend you start with Authenticating your API calls 🚀!