Virality (k-factor) Calculator

Quickly calculate one product's Viral Coefficient (k-factor) based on your current user base, invite and conversion rates.

The Viral Coefficient (so-called k-factor) estimates the number of new users that the average user refers to a given product and/or service. Together with the NPS, it delivers a quantitative measure of how many users are actually recommending your product, i.e. how effective is your current user base as a marketing channel.

The Viral Coefficient is usually considered by venture capital investors as one of the leading indicators of one product's scalability.

The typical components of a Viral Coefficient (k-factor) calculator for any digital product are:

  1. Total number of users

  2. Total number of invites

  3. Total signups from invite

To calculate the Viral Coefficient you need to compute the following intermediate KPIs:

  • Invite rate = Total number of invites / Total number of users

  • Invite conversion rate = Total signups from invite / Total number of invites

  • Viral Coefficient = Invite rate / Invite conversion rate

As a rule of thumb, the viral coefficient must exceed 1 for a company to achieve viral growth.

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