PPC Advertising ROI Calculator

Calculate the return on investment from pay per click advertising campaign based on the number of clicks, cpc, conversion rate and avg. order value.

PPC advertising ROI calculator is a tool used to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a PPC advertising campaign. The calculator evaluates the effectiveness of an investment in PPC advertising by measuring the total number of clicks, the cost-per-click, the conversion rate to purchase, and the average order value. The calculator looks at the revenue generated from PPC over a certain period of time and compares it to the amount of money spent on the campaign. The calculator inputs are:

  1. Number of clicks generated by the campaign.

  2. The cost-per-click (in $) to generate the clicks in 1.

  3. The conversion rate to purchase of the campaign.

  4. The average order value (in $) of purchase/subscription


  • ROI = (1000 x 5% x $50) - $500 / $500ROI = $250 / $500

  • ROI = 0.5

This means that for every $1 spent on the PPC campaign, the company made a profit of $0.50.

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