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SEO Lift-Off: SpacebarCollective and Rows

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SpacebarCollective, a North American SEO agency founded by Chris Tweten and Amanda Laine, has a fascinating story of resilience and creativity. Chris ran an SEO agency focused on the travel industry in Southeast Asia, but when COVID-19 hit, the business collapsed overnight.

That’s when Chris and his wife and co-founder shifted to SaaS, leveraging his experience as a growth marketer. This saved their business. Today, their focus in helping companies grow their search traffic (and conversions) through backlinks and producing blog content at scale.

It was one of those serendipitous moments. A couple of months ago, I cold emailed Chris. I saw that we were both speaking at SaaSOpen in Austin and wanted to book some time to meet and learn about Spacebar. I was wrong. Chris wasn't speaking in Austin - he's speaking at SaaSOpen in New York - but we ended up booking a call to get to know each other and Rows.

Spacebar's clients, mostly B2B SaaS companies, need detailed reports to understand their SEO performance. In one particular case, Chris recounts how needed a better grip on their search efforts. They wanted to differentiate between branded and non-branded traffic, track sign-ups through various channels, and measure the overall impact of their SEO campaigns, while navigating hyper growth in a competitive AI market.

That's where Rows came in.

Quote Chris

Rows allowed Spacebar to create flexible reports pulling data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4. The reports track key metrics like total clicks, impressions, and conversions for specific search terms relevant to their clients’ products.

At, they monitor terms like “email warm-up” or “lead finder” to report on the effectiveness of their SEO strategies for specific landing pages - their B2B Lead Finder and Email warmup solutions:

Zooming in on the specifics, their dashboard include several tables, each focused on different reporting aspects:

  1. Conversion Tracking: A table that pulls GA4 data to track total conversion events by traffic source and month.

  2. SEO Performance: Tables that import GSC data filtered for specific keywords indicating high-intent searches related to their clients' offerings.

  3. Trend Analysis: Monthly comparisons of total clicks and impressions to monitor SEO progress and macro trends over time.

Spacebar dashboardA snapshot from the GA-GSC dashboard from

→ Download the GSC SEO Performance Template

Chris points out a really helpful feature of Rows, which is its integration with Google Analytics 4. With this, Chris was able to easily create a report showing the number of conversions (sign-ups) per GA-4 event. As he dug into the data, he uncovered something surprising—his previous manual reports had missed two key conversion events. This revelation meant his SEO efforts were actually more impactful than he had ever realized. Thanks to Rows, Chris and his clients now have a crystal-clear view of the ROI from their search efforts, offering a deeper and more accurate understanding of their organic search performance.

Sometimes life works out sometimes—a cold email, a mix-up about conferences, and now a successful partnership. From the streets of Bangkok to North America’s SaaS landscape, Chris is an inspiring story of resilience and adaptability. And now, armed with Rows, their SEO reporting is out of this world 🛰️

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