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How to create a Social Media tracker dashboard in Notion

How to build a Social Media Tracker in Notion

Notion is a versatile project management tool, great for teams of any size. With more than 30 millions users, is can be used in a thousand different ways such as a company wiki, CRM for sales, a tool for generating marketing reports, and personal habit tracker and a lot more.

Increasingly, teams are recognizing the value of using Notion for sharing marketing analysis and reports with their colleagues. In this article we’ll share how to set up Social media follower tracker within Notion, offering an easy, automated way to stay on top of your social channels’ performance.

We’ll build the dashboard in two steps:

  • Create the report in Rows, connected to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.

  • Embed the tracker in Notion.

Part 1 : Create the Social Media tracker in Rows

1. Go to

Rows is a web application for creating modern, beautiful spreadsheets. It combines a modern spreadsheet editor, data integrations (e.g. Social media, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe) and a novel sharing experience that turns any spreadsheet into a website in one-click.

Rows spreadsheetRows is a modern spreadsheet

Follow the steps below to create your first spreadsheet:

  1. If you haven't signed up for Rows, do that here and login to your account.

  2. Create a spreadsheet. Do this by clicking on the “Create Spreadsheet” button.

2. Install the Social Media Followers Tracker template

Then next thing we’ll do is install the Social media followers tracker template. This is a pre-built spreadsheet with all of the components we’ll need to set up our dashboard in Notion.

The Social Media Follower template pageThe Social Media Follower template page

Once you install the template, you’ll see a few different elements in the spreadsheet:

  • An Instructions table that walks you through the template.

  • A Setup table where you’ll add the inputs (your social accounts) to fill the tracker

  • A table with a snapshot of your Current followers

  • A Followers chart that will be populated with the stats from your account

  • A Database table that will log the number of followers of each account every day

The Social Media Follower tracker spreadsheetThe Social Media Follower tracker spreadsheet

3. Connect the Integrations

Following setting up the basic structure of the tracker in Rows, the next step is to connect the social media integrations. These integrations will allow the tracker to fetch data directly from your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

By connecting these integrations, you enable the tracker to automatically update the follower counts and other relevant metrics, keeping your dashboard in Notion up to date with real-time data.

Keep in mind that the Instagram integration is only available for Business or Creator accounts and that Facebook and LinkedIn import the stats of your FB/LinkedIn pages, not your personal account.

4. Configure the tracker

Now it is time to configure the follower tracker. It takes 3 steps:

  1. In the Setup table, Add the name of your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel and LinkedIn Page to in the setup table to the cells B1 to B4.

    1. If you don’t want to track all of those networks, leave the corresponding cell empty.

    2. Once you add the name of the account, you’ll see that the table Current followers is populated with the current number of followers of each account, as well as the current date.

  2. Configure the Refresh schedule in cell B6. By default it is set to refresh the data every day.

  3. Click Turn on tracking 🚀 to turn on the automatic follower tracking. This will automatically add the first row of data to the Database table and populate the chart.

Add followersAdd your account names to populate the tracker

Part 2 : Embed the Report in Notion

Now that your GA4 report is done, it’s time to embed it into Notion. You can embed any element from a spreadsheet - a Table, Chart, or Form - and have a live connection between your Notion doc and Rows spreadsheet.

To embed each element from your spreadsheet in Notion, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Embed in settings menu located in the right-hand corner of the element you want to embed

  2. Click the Share privately toggle.

  3. Click Copy url

  4. Paste the link on a Notion doc and click to Create embed

Embed the elements of the tracker in NotionEmbed the elements of the tracker in Notion

Once all the elements are embedded, you can drag each element to your desired location and customize the look and feel of your dashboard.

Social media tracker in NotionSocial media tracker in Notion

Integrate Notion databases with Rows

If you’re looking for a deeper integration between your Notion databases and a spreadsheet, Rows offers a native integration with Notion.

You can import your Notion databases directly to Rows and use the spreadsheet interface to add beautiful, flexible charts and reports to your Notion pages.

All you’ll need is:

  • An active Notion account with one or more databases.

  • A account.

  • Appropriate permissions to integrate third-party apps within Notion

See how to harness the power of Notion in to Rows in our help guide.

Notion integration demoSync your Notion databases with Rows in a few clicks

Automate Marketing Reporting with Rows

With the flexibility of Notion and the functionalities of Rows, you can seamlessly integrate all your Marketing reports Notion.

Explore the +100 different templates available in Rows' library to kickstart your reporting journey.