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Published at Sun Apr 28 2024 in
Rows HQ

2024 W17 - Looking at Suppliers!

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


I was just checking the cost split between our suppliers. Specifically I wanted to see the split among tech tools. There's a lot you can do with spreadsheets. But listing and aggregating things like suppliers is very obvious! This is the summary embed:

This is the actual spreadsheet!


  • It's no surprise to find tech infra at the top. That said, Google Cloud was always our main compute supplier, but recently Microsoft Azure has been growing in spend (Azure OpenAI!).

  • Most of the stuff is inexpensive, relatively speaking. The biggest buckets are <1k and 1-10k. Even within 1-10k, the average (not in the report) is <5k.

  • There was one supplier with a relative high cost (near 10k per year) that I had no idea we had. The marketing stack makes some changes!

We can probably spend a bit more on tools; If your tool can help us get more Business people who are frustrated about how hard it is to work with data, maybe there's a way for us to work together. (No promise there).

Note: yes, I removed stuff like accountants and other suppliers IRL-AFK. Because Tech!


See you next week!