Domain Extractor

Identify and extract any domains from a text including emails address or URLs.

From a text 'Send email to', the extractor returns ''.

What is a Domain Extractor?

A domain extractor is a tool designed to identify and isolate one or multiple domain names from a block of text. This could be a full URL, an email address, or any text containing domain information. It's especially useful in data analysis, cybersecurity, and managing contact lists.

How the Domain Extractor works

Just input a text containing one or multiple URLs (such as 'Please visit') in the first cell, and press Enter. The extractor will output In case the text contains multiple domains, you will get all of them separated by comma.

Our Domain Extractor uses Rows EXTRACT_OPENAI function that leverages AI to streamline tasks that would otherwise require complex spreadsheet syntax. This is only one of the dozens applications of AI in Rows. Discover more on how to use AI in Rows.

Extracting Domains from Email Addresses

Email addresses also contain domain information, crucial for sorting or organizing contacts. A domain extractor can pull the domain from an email address like, providing just the part. This is particularly useful in email marketing or when segregating business emails from personal ones in large datasets.

Practical Applications of a Domain Extractor

Domain extractors are invaluable tools across various industries. Here are some key use cases:

  • IT Security: identifying potentially malicious domains in network traffic logs to enhance threat detection and security analysis.

  • Digital Marketing: segmenting email lists by domain to tailor marketing campaigns for specific corporate environments or customer groups.

  • Data Science: cleansing and organizing large datasets by extracting and categorizing data based on domain names, facilitating more accurate analyses.

  • Legal Professionals: tracking website ownership and history in cyber law cases to provide evidence or context related to domain usage.

  • Web Development: auditing websites to ensure external links do not lead to undesirable domains, thus maintaining site integrity and security.

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