Employee equity tracker

Track your employee equity pool (ESOP) allotment and vesting process.

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No matter how big and unexplored is the market or how much you raised, the team is the number one determinant of any startup's success. Having it fully committed to the company vision demands 100% of the founders' focus in building the right environment.

Most often, startups are budget-constrained and salaries cannot match incumbents' level: equity pools are creaed to give a stake of the company to anyone in the team and motivate them to succeed.

With this template, you can track the creation of the Employee stock ownership pool (ESOP) and its allotment over time.

How it works

  • Add your company details, including the number of share, the last share price and the vesting scheme
  • Then input all the allotments details. The spreadsheet will update automatically, to let you monitor the vesting process and ESOP status over time.

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