Running Pace Calculator

Quickly measure the speed of a run in mins per mile or km using this calculator.

If the running time is 1 hour (01:00:00) and the distance covered is 5 kms, the pace is 12min/km

A running pace calculator is a tool used to measure the speed of a runner. It is calculated by dividing the total time of the run by the distance covered.

For example, if a runner completes a 5 km run in 25 minutes, the running pace calculator will divide 25 minutes by 5 km to calculate the pace of the runner, which is 5 minutes per km.

The running pace calculator is a useful tool for runners to track their progress and measure their performance. It can be used to compare different runs and to set goals for future runs. It can also be used to compare the performance of different runners, as it provides a consistent measure of speed. Knowing the pace of a run can also help runners to adjust their training and to plan their runs more effectively.

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