Revenue CMGR Calculator

Calculate the Compounded Monthly Growth Rate for your business' revenue, between two given months.

If your company makes $100k of revenue in January and closes June with $350k, the CMGR during the period is 23%

The Compounded Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) is a common indicator used to measure one business' financial performance over a given period of time. While the Month-over-Month growth rate is often simply computed as the average of the monthly growth over a period of time, the CMGR takes the effects of compounding into account. This way, it smooths out the effects of short-term fluctuations.

The typical components required to compute one business revenue's CMGR over a given time period are:

  1. The revenue in the first month considered

  2. The revenue in the last month considered

  3. The total number of months in the period

The formula is then:

CMGR = (Revenue Last Month / Revenue First Month)^[1 / Total months] - 1

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