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Top 10 AI Tools for Business to Try in 2024

Best AI tool for business

If you want to run your business faster and more efficiently in 2024, you should be banking on a tech stack of tools that have top AI-powered features.

AI tools offer businesses many benefits — from automating tedious tasks and improving team productivity, to unlocking valuable insights about your customers that can lead to increased revenue.

In this guide, you will find a detailed review of the top 10 AI tools for business to try out in 2024 and why they’re the best in the market.

Factors to consider before choosing an AI tool for your business 

Not every AI  tool out there is meant for you. You must check if the tool aligns with your business goals. Below, I unravel the factors you must check before purchasing that AI tool for your business processes:

Strategic Alignment with your business goals

Does the AI tool align with your overall business strategy and goals? Will it address specific pain points or create new opportunities for your business? And how will it impact your competitive positioning in the market? If your business goal for a calendar year is to dominate the search for your niche, then you should purchase AI tools to help you drive these goals.

Security and Compliance 

What are the potential security vulnerabilities of the AI system? And how will you protect against AI-specific threats like adversarial attacks on your business data? Legally, consider compliance with relevant regulations like GDPR, C.C.P.A., or industry-specific rules.

Learning curve

Most AI tools are complex, and some others are easy to use. Choose a tool that your team members can easily access and use. Do you have the in-house expertise to implement and manage the AI tool? And What kind of training will be required for your staff?

The spreadsheet powered by AI

The spreadsheet powered by AI

Access the power of AI to analyze, summarize and transform data. Build better spreadsheets, faster.

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What are the Top 10 AI Tools for Business to Try in 2024?

  1. Rows — Best for AI powered spreadsheets 

  2. Asana AI — Best for project management 

  3. Zendesk AI — Best for customer service 

  4. Brevo — Best for email marketing 

  5. — Best for content creation

  6. Notion AI —  Best for productivity 

  7. Fireflies AI — Best for meeting note-taking

  8. Lavender AI — Best for sales teams

  9. ChatGPT — Best for chatbots and research

  10. Descript — Best for video and podcast editing 

1. Rows

  • Best for AI-powered spreadsheets 

Rows hero-min

Rows is a comprehensive spreadsheet software for modern marketing teams. It has native AI capabilities (AI analyst, AI-generated subtitles, native AI functions) that other competitors like MS Excel lack, and these features are vital for marketing practice. These features make it a powerful tool for your business.

With Rows, you can access AI features that help you boost your business activities, such as creating reports, assessing social media marketing results, creating spreadsheets, aggregating business data, and so much more.

When it comes to general business + AI use cases, Rows stands out with the following features:

Rows Top Features

AI Analyst

With AI Analyst, you can ask data-related questions to AI in natural language. The tool eliminates the hassle of calculating data manually by automating it via AI calculations. 

The AI Analyst scans your dataset, understands the key variables, and provides you with a summary in 3-5 sentences with relevant KPIs about those variables. The analyst calculates averages, medians, minimum max values, and automated pivot tables.

For example, below is a marketing report spreadsheet. The AI analyst summarizes the reports' key points by calculating total spending and average cost per click.

Additionally, you can ask AI to generate subtitles for your tables and graphs, including key insights from the displayed data.

Here's an example:

OpenAI Integration 

With the OpenAI integration on Rows, you can perform a lot of common spreadsheet tasks. 

You can ask OpenAI to perform a wide range of text operations, such as: text summarization, extraction, classification, sentiment analysis, rewriting, and content generation.

For example, here's a use case of this integration for your daily business activities:

There's a near-infinite amount of tasks you can solve using OpenAI. Use this template showcase to get started with +10 pre-built examples

Learn How to use OpenAI's ChatGPT for SEO.

Embed Tidy Tables and Charts for your business. 

As a business owner, you'll always have something to do with tables and charts. Well, Rows is here to help! Its layout lets you create dashboards that bridge the gap with modern data visualization tools but with the ease and flexibility of a spreadsheet. 

The example below shows the template of our KPIs dashboard that we are currently using with Rows investors (but with dummy data):

investor dashboard rows-min

50+ integrations with tools in your tech stack

With tools like GA4, Google Search Console, Notion, LinkedIn Ads and Page, Instagram, Facebook Ads and Page, Gmail, Hubspot, MailChimp, Stripe, Salesforce, etc

Integrating with numerous platforms means data can easily be transferred from multiple marketing channels to a spreadsheet. This helps you avoid data silos and facilitate a comprehensive marketing report.

Rows Pricing

rows pricing-min

Rows offers a free forever plan that’s quite generous. It lets you onboard unlimited members and up to 10 guests and execute up to 50 integration tasks per month. 

If you want to get rid of these limits and want access to more premium features, Rows has three paid plans to choose from:

  • Plus: $15/month/member, up to 25 guests, unlimited integration tasks & daily data refresh.

  • Pro: $22/month/member, up to 100 guests, unlimited integration tasks & hourly data refresh.

  • Enterprise: Custom price for advanced API usage and workflows

Pros and Cons

✅ Has more than 50 native integrations.

✅ Easy to analyze and visualize data, especially for non-data-friendly users.

❌ Doesn’t have an offline app.

Discover more about all possible use cases of AI in Rows.

The spreadsheet powered by AI

The spreadsheet powered by AI

Access the power of AI to analyze, summarize and transform data. Build better spreadsheets, faster.

Try Rows for Free

2. Asana AI

  • Best for project management 

  • Asana Asana is a collaborative project management tool that helps teams and organizations coordinate work and manage projects. It offers some AI-powered features to help businesses reduce stress and improve team productivity.

asana hero-min

Asana’s Top Features

  • With Asana’s AI, you can get real-time recommendations on how to go about work and assigning tasks to team members 

  • Asana AI has a smart editor that helps you write clearer and witty responses in your team's work channel

  • Asana cuts the extra time you spend on work meetings by giving you an automated round-up of  updates on tasks done daily, weekly, or monthly

Asana's Pricing

  • Starter plan: $13.49/month

  • Advanced plan: $30.49/month for each seat.

  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing

asana pricing-min

Pros and cons 

✅ It visualizes data for you with automatic charts so everyone can see how work is progressing.

✅ Help new hires get up to speed on the right projects, teams, and goals so they can drive immediate impact.

❌ Too many features, making it difficult to know which one to focus on.

3. Zendesk AI

  • Best for customer service 

zendesk hero-min

Being a customer service agent has never been easier. You need to offer your customer support team artificial intelligence tools that provide full context and guidance on approaching interactions. That's when Zendesk AI comes in . It is an AI customer service platform that helps you improve customer experience and increase client retention.

It is one of the best customer service tools on the market. Most clients face one issue or another during onboarding, so your customer service team may need an AI assistant or self-service to help out.

Zendesk AI Top Features 

  • It comes with AI-powered conversation bots that can provide 24/7 service and handle common customer inquiries.

  • Auto Replies with intelligence to quickly address customer requests and AI-powered triggers for internal note actions.

  • The intelligent AI assistant does more than advise. It takes action by offering responses on suggestions about customer behavior.

Zendesk AI Pricing

The AI feature is contained in the advanced Zendesk suite plan, which starts at $55/month

zendesk pricing-min

Pros and Cons

✅ Zendesk announced a partnership with OpenAI in April. This means it's now powered by GPT-4, too.

❌ It is expensive 

4. Brevo (formerly SendinBlue)

  • Best for email marketing 

brevo hero-min

Brevo is an all-in-one platform to manage customer relationships via email, SMS, chat,  and more.With Brevo, you can craft personalized campaigns that captivate your audience and sell your products.

Brevo’s Top Features

  • With Brevo AI, you can craft better messages faster with AI-suggested subject lines and text.

  • Its AI assistant can help tweak the tone of voice of your email copies

  • Brevo automatically optimizes email send time for each recipient based on individual open and click rates.

  • Brevo has over 40 pre-designed templates to choose from and draft emails..

  • Brevo has analytics features. Thanks to advanced reporting, you can use it to understand what works well for your audience and pinpoint areas for improvement.

brevo template-min

Brevo’s Pricing

  • Brevo has a free plan.

  • Brevo pricing starts at $25 a month on its Starter plan. This plan gives you unlimited contacts and allows you to send 20k emails monthly.

  • Business plan starts at $65/month.

brevo pricing-min

Pros and cons

✅ 50+ free email templates

✅ Drag and drop editor

✅ Automation builder

❌ To access high-end AI features, you'll need to subscribe to the business plan


  • Best for content creation hero-min is a GTM AI platform that empowers your sales and marketing teams with automated content creation, large-scale prospecting, enriched CRM, and more. 

At the peak of's core offerings is its ability to automate content creation and content repurposing. It can also create high-quality blog posts, social media posts, and sales emails. Top Features

  • It offers an AI Marketing OS that helps you set your marketing strategy.

  • It has an AI Sales OS that helps you handle the time-consuming, repetitive tasks so your sales reps can do what you hired them to do.

  • helps you to automatically generate, optimize, and audit content at an unmatched scale. Additionally, you can create content briefs with it.

Pros and Cons

✅ 2k+ integrations

✅ Works with various AI MODELS such as GPT, Azure, and Anthropic models

✅ Supports 90+ language translations 

❌ It can be complex to set up

❌ Not ideal for small business teams

6. Notion AI

  • Best for productivity 

notion hero-min

“Knowledge, answers, ideas. One click away” — that's what Notion AI is made for. Notion is a versatile all-in-one workspace and productivity tool that allows users to take notes, manage tasks and projects, collaborate with teams, and organize information in a customizable way. 

Notion AI helps you get answers to questions you ask, write better, and auto-fill data quicker.

Notion AI Pricing

  • Add to your workspace for $8 / member/month billed annually or $10 / member/month billed monthly.

Notion AI top features

  • Q&A unblocks your work using information across your wikis, projects, and docs. All you have to do is ask.

  • Get help with writing drafts. It helps you get rid of writer's block. All you need to do is refine the outcome.

  • Its built-in Autofill runs through hundreds of your  docs in minutes, then writes up insights, summaries, and more

✅ Multilingual capabilities. You can write in Japanese, Spanish, German, and more.

✅ Email pitch editor to help you edit your proposals

❌ The answers to your questions will not always be accurate.

Good news! Rows integrates perfectly with Notion — This means that you can import your Notion databases in Rows. Find out how here.

7. Fireflies

  • Bestvfor meeting note-taking

fireflies hero-min

Fireflies is a powerful AI note-taker and meeting assistant that lets you record, transcribe, summarize, and analyze online interactions across various platforms. 

Fireflies’ Top Features

  • It can generate 90% accurate transcripts in over 60 languages in minutes, complete with timestamps and speaker labels.

  • It provides a concise, customizable summary with action items of lengthy transcriptions for quick review immediately after your meetings.

  • It offers a chatbot  that answers questions about the conversation and can generate other content types from your conversations

Fireflies’ Pricing 

  • Fireflies has a free forever plan

  • Pro plan: $18/month

  • Business plan: $29/month

  • Enterprise plan: $39/month

fireflies pricing-min

Pros and Cons

✅ Integrates with over 40 popular apps, including CRMs, dialers, and video conferencing tools.

✅ Download transcripts in PDF, DOCX, SRT, CSV, or JSON formats.

❌ Some screens are cluttered

8. Lavender AI

  • Best for sales teams

lavender hero-min

Lavender AI is an AI-powered email assistant that helps business owners write compelling emails that drive sales.

Lavender's Top Features

  • Lavender AI integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, SalesLoft, HubSpot, Apollo, Groove, and more to make sales happen everywhere for you.

  • It is powered by the latest GAI, including Open AI systems, self-hosted fine-tuned large language models, and LLMs powered by billions of custom data points. 

  • The writing coach makes specific suggestions to help you refine your sales email draft to get high response rates.

Lavender AI Pricing

  • Free forever plan

  • Starter plan costs $29/month

  • Individual plans at $49/month per user

Pros and Cons

✅ SOC2-certified and GDPR-compliant.

❌ Not great at generating long-form email copies

9. ChatGPT

  • Best chatbots and research tool

GPT hero-min

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has become a mainstay among AI tools that help businesses improve efficiency. 

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to engage in human-like conversations and complete various tasks. It can help you create blog posts, social media content and many other AI-generated content.

ChatGPT’s Top Features

  • ChatGPT can analyze links, images, and search queries for knowledgeable outcomes. For example, It can analyze competitor content to understand their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. The quality of its answers is based on your prompts.

  • Image generation features are available for Pro users to create high-resolution images

  • You can create long-form and short-form blog posts with ChatGPT.

  • Ability to have voice conversations with AI characters.

  • ChatGPT can translate text between multiple languages, giving many nationals room to use it.

Pros and cons

✅ 24/7 Abilities

✅ Multilingual abilities 

❌ Free plan has limited knowledge.

❌ Lack of emotional intelligence 

10. Descript

  • Best for video content and podcast editing 

descript hero-min

Descript is an AI-powered video editing and podcast creation tool that helps you script, storyboard, record, transcribe, edit, cut, and trim videos. Additionally,

One of Descript's standout features is its ability to create automatic transcriptions. All you need to do is upload your video, and Descript will transcribe the dialogue into text. From there, you can edit the video by changing the text, just like editing a document.

Descript’s Top Features

  • Remove background noise, enhance audio quality with Studio Sound, and add dynamic captions, transitions, and animations. 

  • Easily add effects to your video content with Descript. It lets you insert these directly into the transcription, which is perfectly timed as you edit your video. 

  • Descript helps you Uh" nihilate filler words and purge your video and podcast recordings of "ums,""uhs", "you knows", and a dozen other filler words with a click.

  • With Descript’s AI, you can turn your long-form video or podcast into short clips for YouTube shorts or Instagram and TikTok reels.

Descript's Pricing

  • Free plan available. 

  • Paid plans start at $12 per user/month

descript pricing-min

Pros and cons 

✅ Remote recording in 4K.

✅ User friendly.

✅ Social post writer who writes promotional copy for your podcasts.

❌ No app for mobile recording—just a Mac, Windows, and browser option.

The spreadsheet powered by AI

The spreadsheet powered by AI

Access the power of AI to analyze, summarize and transform data. Build better spreadsheets, faster.

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Key takeaways

Now you know everything about the top AI tools for business to try out — chances are that you are already using some tools on the list.

As mentioned in the intro of this guide — Not every AI  tool out there is meant for you. You must check if the tool aligns with your business goals. For example, if your goal in Q3 of 2024 is to document your company's SEO growth analytics, then you should be using a tool  like Rows.

So, whether you are a B2B executive, marketing manager, SEO growth advisor, or C.R.O., Rows is perfect for your reports. So what next? Go to, import data, automate your report, and see if it's the right match!