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Published at Sun Jul 09 2023 in
Rows HQ

2023 W27 - Early wins

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week we started analyzing some data coming out of our recent launches:

  • AI Analyst✨

  • Instant Rows⚡️

Many people have asked us about how those went. We can't show you all the data, but we can tell you some basics.

They have both been successful launches.


The AI Analyst✨ has changed the trajectory of Rows.

  1. How it works

    1. on any table with data, you press the top right icon (✨) .

    2. There's a set of quick stats and insights you can generate from the table.

    3. You can also ask it questions.

  2. Early results

    1. It revolutionized our growth,, with dozens of thousands of sign-ups.

    2. Dozens of thousands have used the feature too, and even more custom questions were asked.

    3. Over 60% of users used it more than once, and a double digit % of users used it 5x or more.

    4. Finally, we got amazing coverage across Twitter and Linkedin, and then TikTok, then Instagram, and now the community is creating how-tos on Youtube. We even got a small mention in an article by the famous investor Sequoia.

Rows sequoia slideRows in a Sequoia slide.


Instant Rows⚡️ has transformed the way people experience our spreadsheet. If you're a first time visitor, or you're logged out, or you happen to be on an incognito window, now you have instant access to a spreadsheet.

  1. How it works

    1. lands on product instead of a marketing page.

    2. A new temporary account then is created automagically.

    3. Data on temp accounts is saved for 30d after last activity.

    4. There's a quick onboarding to guide users; it nudges you to register a free account so that your data is permanently saved.

  2. Early results

    1. We've practically doubled our conversion rate from visitor to full account registration. It's important to stress that the old conversion rate wasn't bad!


I think this is just the beginning of these two features.

Many users sent lots of ideas and feedback, and we will keep monitoring it. We have much to do.

Regardless of that though, early wins like these are extremely encouraging.

Let's go!

And see you next week

- H