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Published at Sun Jun 25 2023 in
Rows HQ

2023 W25 - AI✨ (continued)

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week's key event was the continued growth of our newest feature, the AI Analyst.

  1. It is still viral. It took us years to go from 0 to 50k registered users. Since launching our AI Analyst on the 14th, we have doubled that. And we're still going strong.

    • The main lesson here is that releasing bold things works. We have been doing one big thing per quarter, and eventually one was bound to explode!

    • If you're building a product, you already know what users want of your tool. That drives your main plans.

    • Still, you should try and bring them the future today; The most aggressive version of what you are building that is super-convenient and successful.

    • AI is clearly the future, and with this release we upgraded that multi-year journey!

  2. With a massive influx of users, feedback got stronger.

    • I alone got hundreds of emails, so thanks all for taking the time! Intercom and are super important for that too. I recommend you all trying multiple feedback channels, then consolidate them.

    • Feedback were of 2 types.

      • Asks: Users asking us to implement deeper and more specific AI skills for their specific data.

        • Most of all are what you'd want when yo go from "your first questions" to "second and third looks". We believe we can evolve our Analyst while keeping it simple and accessible to all;

        • Users have also asked our AI to able to ingest tables with different formats: transposed, with blank columns and others;

      • Bugs: Users sent 1 important bug related to the AI. When loading CSVs, some file imports were creating mismatching table IDs and so our AI was failing to return answers for those tables. This is fixed now, fortunately many people told us and are now retrying.

  3. Re-skilling. With strong user growth, our attention must now turn to the next challenges.

    • Acquisition is, relatively, less important now. (Still important!). That means activation and retention become more important!

    • We have to segment the larger user base, their usage and understand where there are new valuable opportunities.

    • Most product opportunities mean doubling down in quality and speed, for an awesome(r) user experience; which drives more activity and retention. That means we will not release gigantic new features for a while, and instead invest heavily in upgrading the ones we have. The bulk of our love for Q3 is allocated the AI, Charts, Pivots, Integrations and "speed".

    • All of this must be done quickly. ☀️😎🩳👙🍦. The summer is a bit of a silly business period — silly if you don't plan it well, that is.

      • There's plenty of time to build things before users go on holidays.

      • Even when most people do leave for holidays, we enter this special time. Those few who aren't on vacations frequently use their time to learn new tools and catchup with special projects. Working with these users during the summer is a magical experience IMO.

We have a long, exciting summer ahead of us.

See you next week.