Platform limits

To give you the best experience using Rows, we have a few limits in place for now.


To make sure that you have the smoothest experience possible while using Rows, we've got a few limits that ensure you don't run into any computational bottlenecks.


Our REFRESH() function can take a range of up to 10 000 cells as its argument.


On the desktop, Rows supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you use other browsers, you may see some UI or functionality issues.

Workspaces & Spreadsheets & Tables

  • A single user can own 5 workspaces.
  • 50 folders per workspace.
  • 500 spreadsheets per folder.
  • 200 pages per spreadsheet.
  • 200 tables per spreadsheet.
  • 10 tables per page.

Each table can have a maximum of:

  • 100 000 rows;
  • 404 columns;
  • 1 000 000 cells per table (non-form tables);
  • 25 conditional formatting rules;
  • 5 automation functions (REFRESH(), REPEAT(), or SCHEDULE());
  • 1 GB table size.
  • Import CSV files up to 100Mb and XSLX files up to 15Mb.


Each form view can have a maximum of 10,000 cells.

For example, either of the following combinations would exceed this limit.

  • 10 columns and 1001 rows.
  • 100 columns and 101 rows.


Each cell can have a maximum of:

  • 10000 characters for formulas — The limit is on bytes and not chars. In UTF8, char size is 1 to 4 bytes, depending on the char. The most useful chars are 1 byte, but emojis for example is longer (4 bytes).
  • 2MB for computed values or strings.
  • In dropdowns:
    • 10000 values from range of cells would show-up in the search options but you can enter any value from the range set-up when creating the dropdown.
    • 500 values as list of items.

Functions and computation

Functions can:

  • Handle up to one million characters during processing, as long as the stored result of the function doesn't exceed the maximum of 2MB per cell.
  • Affect up to 250 000 cells within five minutes.


  • Each integration can have up to 6 accounts connected in Rows.
  • Each workspace is limited to 1 million integration tasks/month.
  • Requests that are not executed under ten minutes are timed out with a #FAIL! error, indicating that "The request expired. Try again later."

Open AI integration

  • Using the "Keyless" connection, you are limited to the gpt-3.5-turbo model and 1024 maximum number of tokens.

Web Requests

Our GET(), POST(), and PUT() functions:

  • can fetch up to 1000KB, as long as the result to be stored as the cell value doesn't exceed the maximum of 2MB per cell.
  • have a timeout of 60 seconds.

Rows API