Making your spreadsheets live

Learn how to publish your spreadsheets so you can share them with the world!


Now, a huge part of what makes Rows so unique is that every spreadsheet can be live. What does that mean? Well basically, they become little apps on the web that you can share with others to use.

In this lesson, we’ll cover how to publish your spreadsheet and share it with the world!

Publishing your spreadsheet

To make your spreadsheet live:

  1. Go into the spreadsheet you want to publish. In our case, it’ll be the Rows Academy spreadsheet.
  2. In the left side panel, click on the Publishing Settings icon-publish icon.
  3. Choose which tables or pages you want to publish.
  4. Click Publish as App.


❇️ And done! Now you can share your spreadsheet live with anyone in the world! And don’t worry - they can’t make any changes to the formulas or format of your spreadsheet - all they can do is use the spreadsheet as you intended - like a calculator, model generator, or an input form.

Sharing your spreadsheet

To share your spreadsheet, just click on the Link icon-link icon in the left-hand sidebar and paste the link to anyone you want to share it with.

Course summary

So, you’ve learned a lot in this course. Congrats! You’ve gone from learning how spreadsheets work, to being able to use integrations, the data explorer, templates, and workspaces, sharing your live spreadsheets. Now that’s pretty awesome.

In Rows Intermediate, you’re going to learn a whole lot more about live spreadsheets (how to add buttons, checkboxes, and input fields), how to parse data, and create your own tables automatically, and how to schedule actions to repeat by automatically!

Ready to get started? Then let’s go!