Making your spreadsheets live

Learn how to publish your spreadsheets so you can share them with the world!


Now, a huge part of what makes Rows so unique is that every spreadsheet can be in view mode. What does that mean? Well basically, they become little apps on the web that you can share with others to use.

In this article, we’ll cover how to publish your spreadsheet and share it with the world!

Sharing your spreadsheet

To share your spreadsheet:

  1. Go into the spreadsheet of your choice.
  2. Move towards the right-top corner, where you'll find Share written next to the View option.
  3. Click Share and enable the option to Share privately
  4. Click Copy to copy the URL of your shared spreadsheet.
    Now anyone with the link can access your spreadsheet.


Publishing your spreadsheet

To make your spreadsheet available to the world:

  1. Go into the spreadsheet you want to publish.
  2. Move towards the right-top corner, where you'll find Share written under your avatar.
  3. Go to the Publish to the Community tab.
  4. Enable the Publish to the world.

❇️ And done! Now you your spreadsheet is accessible to the community.


Spreadsheets in View mode are the best way to make your reports and models shine: powerful, robust and interactive. There's really no limit to what you can do with them.

More for Beginners

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  2. Using integrations
  3. Working with data
  4. Installing templates
  5. Collaborating in workspaces
  6. Making your spreadsheet go Live! (you're here)

Want to level up?

In our series for Intermediate users, we cover a lot more ground on Live spreadsheets (how to add buttons, checkboxes, and input fields), how to parse data and create tables, and how to schedule automated actions! Ready to get started? Then let’s go!