Collaboration and sharing overview

Learn about the key collaboration features that make Rows so special—such as workspaces and live mode.

You can use Rows to create simple web apps where you control what end users can see. You can also give collaborators different permissions so that they don't accidentally break your app.

  1. Use workspaces to collaborate
    Configure what spreadsheets different teams can see and invite people to collaborate.

  2. Understand the different ways you can view and share a spreadsheet
    Learn about the key differences between Edit View and Live View.

  3. Sharing your spreadsheet
    Learn how to share your spreadsheet with other editors or share a view that only exposes certain parts of your spreadsheet.

  4. Roles and Permissions
    Understand the roles and permissions that you can configure in Rows.

  5. Embed
    Learn how to embed your spreadsheet tables and charts anywhere on the web.

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