Embedding tables and charts

Learn how to embed your spreadsheet tables and charts anywhere on the web.


Use embed to showcase your Rows table and chart on a website, wiki or other internal tools without ever leaving your workflow. You can embed any element from a spreadsheet - a table, chart, or form - into any website that supports HTML or tools that accept iframes.

The perfect way to add a pricing calculator to your website, showcase charts in a Notion doc, or share live data in a blogpost in Ghost.

Embeding data from a spreadsheet

To embed any element from your spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  1. Click Share at the top right-hand corner of the editor. Alternatively, click “Embed” in settings menu in the right-hand corner of a table/chart
  2. Click Embed.
  3. Select the element that you want to embed.

⚠️ Your spreadsheet needs to be shared with the link or published to the world before you can embed it. To do that, go to Share and enable Share privately or Publish to the world.

  1. Click <> Copy code You can use Copy link to paste directly into tools that support iframe - e.g. Notion.
  2. Paste the embed code on your website, wiki, or destination tool.


You can adjust the height and width of the embed by changing its parameters in the embed code snippet.


Embeds of spreadsheets that are Published to the world will have an Open full version option that allows viewers to use and duplicate the spreadsheet to their Rows accounts.

If you want to stop the embed, remove the embed code from the website (or other tools where it was added) or remove the sharing permissions of the spreadsheet.

💻 If you have multiple embeds and want to optimise the performance of your webpage, here’s a guide on iframe lazy loading.

💡 See here a in-depth article on embedding Rows elements in Notion.