Video Script Time Calculator

Quickly calculate the approximate length of a video based on its script and speaking rate.

With a speaking rate of 140 words per minute and 750-word script, your video will take approximately 5 min and 21 sec.

In today's marketing strategies, videos are often an indispensable component. They represent a powerful tool that aims at a number of purposes: engaging with target audiences in an entertaining way, increasing brand equity, educating current users of your product, or informing new potential customers about the latest features you shipped.

Building a video requires, first of all, a story: usually written in the form of a script, it creates the narrative behind the video showing what you want to communicate with it.

The purpose of a Video Script Timer is to help you forecast the approximate length of a video, based on a specific word-per-minute rate that ensures a proper understanding of your message. Having this data on hand helps everyone involved in the project (such as designers and creatives) to better calibrate their effort.

Everything you need is:

  1. The video script

  2. The speaking rate, namely the number of words per minute your voiceover is going to keep to deliver the message. This depends on the video's rhythm, purpose, and of course on the language spoken. Usually, a rate of 140 words per minute is considered the benchmark, for British or American English, to ensure an adequate understanding of the full message without overlooking the graphic elements.

The Video Script Timer uses the following formula to compute the approximate duration in minutes and seconds for your video:

Approximate duration = Number of words in the script / Speaking rate

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