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Published at Mon Feb 22 2021 in
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Rows launches in Public Beta

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📢 This announcement is featured on Product HuntTechCrunchVentureBeatEco (PT). — 👋 Hello spreadsheet friends Today, we’re announcing 2 big pieces of news:

  1. Rows is coming out of our closed beta and launching in Public Beta.

  2. We have raised a $16 million Series B round, led by Lakestar. Our previous investors and other cool people joined us, too.

Join us in this celebration! But first, what is Rows?


Rows is the only true Spreadsheet with Integrations and a slick Sharing experience.

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One billion people in the world use spreadsheets, but it’s hard to connect them to different data sources and to turn them into something you actually like to share. Rows solves this by integrating the 3 things people like: spreadsheets, data, and slick UIs.

You’ve never seen a spreadsheet like that! Check for more info!

🚀 Public Beta

We’re now officially in a Public Beta!

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Going Public means that anyone can create an account. It also means that platform has been certified ready by our private beta users: we onboarded more than 10k users, and 100s of teams are active every week. Being a Beta also means that there’s just a handful of features left to ship until we baptize our spreadsheet as a v1 later this year.

Rows is free for smaller teams with up to 10 users. We rolled out paid subscriptions for larger companies, starting at $59 per month. Rows will always have a free plan.

We are very excited to learn about what you will build with Rows!

What’s Next

Rows’ vision is to empower the world’s one billion spreadsheet users to build the tools they need.

Today, businesses use Rows for critical processes in sales, marketing, and operations. We will continue to serve these use cases, and expand them with exciting new features. Throughout 2021, our team in Porto and Berlin have lined up (more than) a few serious releases:

  • More classic spreadsheet functionality, like Charts and conditional formatting.

  • Upgraded Integrations, including easier and faster data management; and, of course, more functions and Integrations (we’re beyond 50 now).

  • New elements for Sharing, including a new button, drop-downs, and more.

We are also working on a Desktop App 👩‍💻!

Series B Funding

Today we are also announcing our Series B round, led by Lakestar! The round had the participation of our existing investors Accel and Cherry, as well as new entrants Armilar and Shilling from Portugal and Visionaries Club from Berlin.

Stephen Nundy, partner at Lakestar, is joining our board — and adding his tech and spreadsheet experience from his career at Goldman Sachs. Also joining our board is Christian Reber, CEO of Pitch.

We are very fortunate to continue evolving our company with such a strong board and advisors! —

We are incredibly happy to be a part of the world of spreadsheets, and we’re excited to enter this new phase of our journey to empower spreadsheet users to build their own tools.

As always, we appreciate your support and love! Let’s GO! Humberto & Torben — Rows Founders