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Published at Mon Nov 23 2020 in
Rows HQ

👋 Hello Rows

Rows Team
Rows Team
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Today, dashdash becomes Rows!

Rebranding is an opportunity to communicate in a more meaningful way. We’re here to tell you what this new brand — Rows — means to us.

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Why Rows

Our goal is to reach the millions of users who want better spreadsheets, and who don’t know us yet. To do that, we wanted an identity that is as revolutionary as our product:

  • the first spreadsheet to offer real automation without requiring coding such as VBA or Google AppScripts;

  • the first spreadsheet with native in-cell Integrations, allowing functions to talk to online services such as Crunchbase, Gmail, Salesforce, and more;

  • the first spreadsheet that combines classic functionality with beautiful, live collaboration. In just one click you get a shareable web-app version of your tools.

This new brand must represent what users feel when they access a Rows spreadsheet: boldness, power, and familiarity.

Introducing Rows

Rows is our vision for productivity: a much better spreadsheet.

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In the last decade, thousands of productivity apps have been released, but classic spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Excel still dominate. The world continues to count on spreadsheets to create billions of documents every year; yet, users aren’t exactly satisfied. They want better collaboration and better connectivity to other tools.

Spreadsheets are here to stay. But they need to evolve, fast.

From this confluence of classic and new, we distilled three key attributes for our brand.

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  • Dependable because spreadsheets don’t break. You can trust them.

  • Intuitive because great software is simple.

  • Vibrant because our spreadsheet is ground-breaking, it feels fresh.

From these values, we crafted a new, beautiful visual identity for Rows.

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Visual identity for Rows. Logo, mark, illustration, fonts and colors — by FocusLab.

Besides the exhilarating process of seeing a new visual identity come to life, the rebrand was also a rewarding exercise on market positioning. It allowed us to look again at the market landscape, think about what makes us unique, and summarize that into a clear, relatable message. 

Rows is the spreadsheet with built-in integrations and slick, live collaboration. Rows enables users to solve more types of problems faster, and it increases the engagement and reach of their work. Forget learning new programs, coding, or toggling between tools. Rows is for business professionals and teams who use spreadsheets to get work done.

Using the new Rows

Our new brand now matches the power of our platform that we also redesigned to make it prettier, simpler and more powerful.

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The redesigned dashboard — a new home for your team and their spreadsheets.

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The redesigned Editor and Live view for sharing.

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Our integrated Knowledge base and Integrations gallery.

2021 Rows

Our rebrand sets the stage for what we have planned for 2021. It will be a great year for all spreadsheet lovers.

In 2021, we will bring Rows to thousands of teams across the globe. We are going to accelerate the onboarding of our waiting list of thousands of users, then open the beta to the public and remove the waitlist.

We are also going to continue shipping extraordinary stuff that’ll make Rows your everyday spreadsheet.

Today is an important day for us. We couldn’t be happier to share Rows with the world.

We promise that we will keep big news coming, fast.

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Humberto CEO Rows for the amazing Rows team 🚣

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