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Community Spotlight: Nic Carroll

Rows Team
Rows Team
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We all have that one friend who comes to mind when we have an issue with our car or a computer and we just need to call someone we trust for help or some advice.

Well, when it comes to money, Nic is that friend:

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Being a “personal finance enthusiast”, as Nic describes himself, he is that friend you may have who builds finance spreadsheets and investment calculators in his free time.

This passion stems from a Personal Finance class Nic took in college, learning the importance of managing money and starting to invest early on.

So, after trying a bunch of budget templates and never quite finding one that stuck, Nic resorted to building his own, and now frequently shares those templates with friends and colleagues!

“My goal is to build a list of resources that are both functional and enjoyable to use. Designed for anyone - but especially beginners who are just starting to get their finances in order.”

Nic has created a portfolio of simple (yet amazing!) spreadsheets that are available for everyone at his Rows workspace (which you can check out here). The spreadsheets he built include:

  • Money Dashboard to set goals and determine how to allocate your pay-check

  • A spreadsheet to track how a Crypto Wallet is performing

  • Weekly Quota Dashboard to monitor the progress vs your sales quota

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    Nic’s “Personal Dashboard” spreadsheet

    With Rows Live sharing, all of these spreadsheets are more than just “inert” tables of numbers and formulas. They are interactive web applications that Nic can share with his friends in a smartphone, a tablet, or any other device. Give them a try here! Here’s a tip: duplicate the spreadsheets to your own workspace, and then adapt them to your specific needs; just click the “+” icon on the top-right corner of the spreadsheet (or in the side menu if you’re on mobile).

    This new sharing mode was the genesis of Nic’s interest about Rows:

    “As soon as I saw how quickly and easily you can build out an interactive dashboard, my mind jumped to like a dozen potential ideas. And the spreadsheets are so simple and clean and minimal so they feel like they’re meant to be shared.”

    Nic is currently working on several other types of visuals like tracking cash flow and real estate prices, and is also exploring how to use the built-in integrations within Rows, so stay tuned!, as for sure we’ll be seeing more of Nic’s community templates coming up soon.

    🧢 Nic can be found on LinkedIn and of course, make sure you browse his Rows Community workspace for more of his spreadsheets creativity.

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