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Published at Thu Mar 10 2022 in
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Rows is now a remote company

Rows Team
Rows Team
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We’re remote now! Please check our open positions :)

Since starting, we built our Rows team around two offices. Porto for tech and Berlin for go-to-market. During the covid lockdowns, we worked from our homes just like everyone else. And as our team got vaccinated and lockdowns eased, we kept a very liberal work-from-home policy around our offices.

Why move to Remote?

This month we’ll start hiring almost all positions with the option to be remote or in one of our offices. We are also giving our team the flexibility to switch to remote work and move elsewhere while keeping working for Rows.

Why? All tech companies compete for the best technical and business talent. And as we are moving out of the pandemic, it’s become clear to us that the people we want to hire and retain want to have the choice to decide where to live. Relocating great engineers and marketers (and their families) for a new job is quickly becoming the stuff of the past. That is, unless they want to move to a different city anyway.

At the same time, we have seen that technology enables us to work together effectively even at a distance. We have reduced meetings, and we have moved our work to be largely async. Teams retain the freedom to set particular schedules.

What does it mean?

This is how Rows will do to become a remote company.

  • Teams decide. The manager of a team decides what positions can be remote or not. They know best if there’s any reason to tie a job to a certain location. Today, over 90% of our existing team and 100% of our open positions can be remote!

  • 23 countries for a start. In addition to Portugal and Germany, we enable remote work in Brazil, the United States, and 19 European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK. We will work to add more countries to the list, depending on their talent pool, time zones between the U.S. East Cost and Europe, visa-free travel to Europe, labor laws, and cost.

  • Simpler compensation. We are harmonizing compensation across Europe, and we will keep compensation world-wide at least at 80% of our European levels. We have also increased compensation for senior roles in tech and design.

  • Face time. We still believe it’s critical to spend time together face-to-face. It’s just more fun and more effective when building work relationships. We will keep our annual in-person retreat for the entire company. We also give a budget to every team to get together and work in off-sites for up to one week.

  • It’s hybrid. We will keep our two offices that will remain at the disposal of our Porto and Berlin-based teams. As we grow, we will stop guaranteeing a dedicated seat to every team member. Our offices will turn into a space for flexible work, team work, socializing, and events. All meetings will be remote-first.

One more thing

Remote is cool. But today we’re also announcing other flex-work improvements.

  • We will keep our unlimited unpaid vacation policy that Rowers love.

  • We are now offering the choice of 4-day work weeks at pro-rated compensation.

  • We have also bumped our vacations for long-term team members. At 3 and 5 years of work at Rows, you’ll get a permanent increase in vacation days.

  • We have had a couple of employees who left and then came back. For returning employees, we will now count half of their previous time at Rows towards loyalty perks, which include more salary and the newly announced extra vacation days.

Rows is building the spreadsheet with superpowers. With Rows, you can share your spreadsheets as slick, interactive web pages, and you can turbo-charge those with data from our built-in integrations.

People join Rows to help us make computation accessible to everyone. We choose Boldness, Focus und Giving as the values that drive our decisions. We have an amazing team of kick-ass people. And now we’re remote. If that sounds great to you, please check our open positions and join our team!