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Community Spotlight: Joaquim Tirach

Rows Team
Rows Team

“I pretty much start any project, big or small, personal or professional, on a spreadsheet.”

This was one of Joaquim’s comments we most related with, and we’re sure you do too.

Joaquim is a citizen of the world: born and raised in Catalonia (in the South of France) studied in Norway, he is now in London working hard on his own startup. Having tried various jobs ranging from store manager to poker tournament organizer, Joaquim is used to rely on spreadsheets for his work and to assist with his day to day decisions. 

Meet Joaquim in this edition of Rows Community Spotlight!

Sometimes, the first spreadsheets we see people building on Rows are at the intersection of passion and business, a mix of the user’s professional experience and personal preferences. As this was what we saw in Joaquim’s case.

We first noticed Joaquim’s activity on the Rows Community when he published his StepN Track your Investment and Return, a spreadsheet to track one’s progress in STEPN. STEPN is the first #move2earn mobile NFT game where players walk, jog or run outdoors with an NFT Sneaker to earn tokens.

Using Rows, Joaquim created a spreadsheet anyone can use to keep up with their earnings in the STEPN game by allowing to easily track the floor prices of your NFTs, based on type and mints.

2Check your overall investments on STEPN using the spreadsheet Joaquim published on Rows Community.

The spreadsheet also provides a quick summary of how much you can expect to earn on a daily / weekly basis:

3You’re always on top of your revenue in STEPN with the weekly summary table.

And overall, check your exposure, earnings and return on investments on STEPN.

4Easily check your ROI at all times.

“The Live mode enables me to share guides and calculators to any users (even the ones without a Rows account yet), which makes it easy for anyone to use my tools. Live mode also allows me to stay in control of all the content and showcasing only parts of my spreadsheet, giving me and the users, assurance over the accuracy of the content."

Joaquim engages regularly on STEPN as it was the way for him to strengthen his health while actively participating on NFT projects. Now he is on the mission to motivate others to exercise more.

Beyond STEPN, Joaquim uses Rows for his startup too. At Gaupa Labs, which he has founded and now leads as the CEO, Joaquim’s team is determined to bring transparency to supply chains, helping smaller companies to get the same visibility of big corporations. 

Manage your portfolio of stocks, ETFs and crypto with ease: check out Rows [object Object] template.

Looking to get an edge on the markets? Get comprehensive financial reports of any listed companies, including fundamental analysis of stocks KPIs, income statements, assets and liabilities and cash flows. See here for [object Object] and [object Object] financial report.

On Joaquim’s workspace at Rows, you can find Gaupa Labs public dashboard, where you can learn more about the project. To get this started, Joaquim selected the Rows template you can find here, which he used to track the evolution of Gaupa Labs followers on social media.

Get the "Social media tracker" template

Joaquim uses Rows’s custom HTTP functions GET, PUT and POST to import data from an API and monitor transactions and overall stats about the Elrond Blockchain, including knowing how many users hold their SFT (Semi Fungible Token). 

5Gaupa Laps public dashboard allow you to follow this project KPIs and get more information about it.

“Integrating an API call into Rows was very intuitive: using the Data Explorer it was very easy to select the exact data that I wanted in the spreadsheet, without having to format it manually”.

Lastly, he (and you!) can keep an eye on the Elrond network, and by using an address or a Herotag (Elrond Username) get an overview of the holdings and activity of specific users (we’ll leave that one for you to check out on your own 😉). 

6Use this spreadsheet to check the Elrond network or to get a specific user info using the “Check an Address” page.

The team at Gaupa Labs is using blockchain technology to show how a company’s goods have been produced, distributed and commercialized, making it easier for consumers to make their choices. The platform supports businesses that are sustainable, while also allowing businesses to reduce overhead costs with product and production tracking. 

We can’t wait to see more great spreadsheets on sustainable production from Gaupa Labs on Rows too!

👟 Joaquim can be found on LinkedIn, and is working on other spreadsheets using the intuitive API format Rows offers and is looking forward to sharing more tools for fellow Blockchain enthusiasts, so make sure you browse his Rows Community workspace.

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