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Published at Wed Mar 20 2024 in

A Brighter Charge: How Rows Powers Monta's CRM Reports

Monta Case Study cover

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles (EV), Monta is carving out a unique niche. Their goal is to become the universal software solution for EV charging stations, akin to the role of Android in the mobile ecosystem. Julian Berbec, part of the Growth Marketing team at Monta, shares their mission to break down barriers in EV charging. Operating in more than 30 countries, powering more than 500 000 charging stations and fresh from an $80 million funding round last December, Monta is just getting started.

Julian is what you might call an OG Rows supporter. I remember my first call with Julian in 2020 when we were still called dashdash, and Monta was yet to be. Since then, wherever Julian went, Rows went with him.

So, when a new challenge at Monta landed on Julian’s desk—to be the go-to person for all things Marketing CRM reporting—Rows was the obvious solution to get the job done. Julian recalls the moment they saw Rows' potential: "I saw Rows from the beginning as a tool that could help us... give me a better overview of what's happening in CRM."

With Rows, Julian and his team can slice and dice the data coming from HubSpot, create unlimited pipeline views, and enrich the CRM with new data points about their prospects.

Here’s how he pulls that off:

1. HubSpot Reporting

Monta uses the HubSpot integration in Rows to import lists of deals for analysis. With its Search deals action, Julian imports custom deals datasets that breakdown the sales team performance across different types of deals, company sizes and geographies.

HubSpot CRM Report

Using the AI Analyst✨, Pivot tables, and other spreadsheet favorites, he creates columns that calculate specific deal properties, transform them into the right tables, and build rich reports on sales velocity, conversion rates, and more.

The best part? He can embed all those tables and charts in Notion, where their Sales team assesses them and gets a pulse on their performance.

2. Lead Enrichment

Beyond reporting, Rows plays an important role in optimizing Monta's lead enrichment strategy. It all starts with a form and ends on HubSpot.

Monta, like many B2B SaaS companies, uses forms as part of their lead and customer onboarding process. They noticed that the longer the form, the worse the completion rate. They wanted a way to ask less information from the prospect upfront, but end up with a contact rich with firmographic data in the CRM.

Their solution? A no-code trifecta.

First, thanks to the Rows-Zapier integration, every time a lead fills out a form on one of Monta’s landing pages, it adds a new row of data in the spreadsheet. After that happens, Julian uses a three-step automation to automatically enrich those leads and send them to HubSpot.

Monta automation

  1. First, he uses spreadsheet formulas - including Rows' exclusive DOMAIN() function - to extract the email domain and classify it as a personal or business email.

  2. Then, he uses the GET_COMPANY action to enrich that domain with the company size, industry, and LinkedIn URL.

  3. Finally, he uses the HubSpot integration to automatically add (or update) the leads in HubSpot.

All using a handful of formulas. That’s when Julian tells me that what he really values is how simple the process is.

Julian quote 2

We’re all rooting for Monta over at Rows HQ. A world with more electric vehicles and great software is one we support any day. And when that mission is powered by a flexible, connected, and modern spreadsheet, we like it even more.

Monta is sparking a revolution. In the sheets and on the streets.