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Published at Sun Mar 24 2024 in
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2024 W13 - Feedback matrix

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week me and my cofounder Torben separately interviewed our entire team. 2024 is an opportunity, and we wanted to know what our colleagues think Rows needs to be the best company ever!

We didn't structure the questions, instead letting the team open up to 5 things on their mind (some only 3, a few >10 things). And so they gave us that feedback.

I bucketed the feedback into 4 levels and 3 sentiments:

  • Levels: Business — Product — Processes — Team.

  • Sentiment: Idea Proposals — Challenges, problems, questions, concerns — Celebrations.

The following table is the feedback matrix that we received. I shortened the list, and removed some identifiable information, but this is pretty much it. Oh, there was also a frequency counter per topic, but they are ordered by descending frequency anyway!

Rows blog - team feedback

The output was that we did a meeting to go over each of these. The next week's posts will cover a few of the amazing things that came out of that.

More importantly, the distribution of feedback reflects my past experience: feedback tends to focus on Product and Process, which are more visible and easy to comment on. The business side of things is harder, especially for a product heavy team like ours.

What I liked about this is that we were able to do a quick review of the mention elements, and THEN spent the rest of our time together filling up the blanks with Ideas for Business. Some are really, really cool.

In a way, this effect is a version of the survivorship bias! Things which people are more comfortable around is what they will want to talk about.

blog - survivorship bias


See you next week!