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Published at Sun May 12 2024 in
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2024 W20 - For love of Apple

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I am an Apple fanboy, and I consume just about anything Apple related.

I just built this spreadsheet with *all* the Apple PR Announcements since the 2000s, which I imported using our RowsX Chrome extension, which I then plotted into several categories to see trends. Example:

3 trends are very clear:

  • In terms of volume of announcements and press releases, Apple doesn't overly focus on the best seller (iPhone). Instead Apple keeps pushing news about new stuff like Wearables (Apple Vision Pro) and Services (Apple Music, Apple Arcade).

  • Over time, Apple went from a single-platform business to a business with several hardware platforms and one large Services business. That is clearly observed in the mentions.

  • Finally, Apple is using Apple Silicon a lot, it's clear that it uses it as a differentiator, if not the clear indicator of value of a particular device.

  • (you can check the spreadsheet and duplicate it to play on your own).

This spreadsheet demonstrates that Rows is great at 3 things: super fast imports (even scrapping), transformation of data, and sharing it (also the Embed above!)



See you next week!