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Published at Sun Dec 10 2023 in
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2023 W48 - New Dashboard

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


We launched our pricing plans in the beginning of October.

Because of that, conversions to paid plans - and revenue - have grown. It's still early, but we are quite happy with the change.

So I decided to create a new public spreadsheet for our Community with a template of our dashboard. It's here 📈. You can check it out, see all of the metrics we expose, and duplicate it to do one yourself.

⚠️ The numbers included are a simulation, not our real ones.

And this is how we built it:

  • On the main page, we start with revenue (ARR) and number of paid subscriptions. We use a Combo Chart to plot each variable on a different vertical axis, as they have different scales: given that our base plan is $79 per month (or >$950), then we can expect the scale of revenue to be similar to ~1000x the number of plans. Also, money is green, so that's the color of the Chart.

  • Next we show MRR changes, that is, New MRR, MRR from expansion (upgrades to more expensive plans), Churn and Contraction. Bad is red. It even rhymes.

  • After the changes, we display Power Workspaces - that's companies using us 3 days or more per week. We pick that variable, because it's If you use a product 3x a week, you're likely to pay for it at some point. And after it WAUs, or weekly active users!

  • Finally, we show the Acquisition of users and their Activation. Activation is the % of users who does a set number of actions that makes them more likely to stay on.

  • There's a second page, called Paid Workspaces, where we show a list of paying companies, and details about them! (Again, it's mock data, hence the names 🤓).

  • Finally, we have a page with the Source data and definitions. The data is connected to our BigQuery Integration, which is where we load data from.

We share this dashboard with investors and with everyone in the company. Every Monday we also do a quick summary of what happened in the previous week and paste it on the general Slack channel.

And that's our new Dashboard! See you next week!

- Humberto