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Published at Sun Dec 03 2023 in
Rows HQ

2023 W47 - Personal focus

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


The last few weeks have been super mega busy. (This is why this post is coming out on a Thursday!)

Users are upgrading to our paid plans, but we have a lot to do still to get to the perfect equation — in particular, we want to multiply the number of upgrades per week. We're also going out and speaking to investors about financing, and working with partners too.

It's a busy December!

In all of that, what stands out to me is the need for personal focus.

Because of that, last week weeks I applied a super strict iPhone diet: removed X & TikTok and YouTube from the phone, and moved all these media stuff to the iPad where I will go only infrequently. As a result phone usage is down -78%, which means my mind is a freer now. The cut affected mostly my commute and night time, which are particularly useful to focus on what's ahead, and spend time relaxing the brain, especially with the family (also useful!).

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Bonus: I am also keeping my exercise and ice-cream routines too. Home gym 3x per week and ice cream almost 1 every day.

- Humberto