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Published at Sun Oct 08 2023 in
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2023 W40 - Pricing v2

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week we launched new pricing plans: Free, Plus, Pro.

  1. Larger companies and intensive data use cases are monetized by Plus and Pro.

  2. The Free plan lets users and small teams upgrade their data experience from Sheets or Excel to Rows, for free.. forever! Integrations, AI Analyst, scheduling data integrations, embeds, all is here!

  3. These plans are a huge improvement over our old pricing, which was too confusing.

  4. The launch went well, with one screw-up.

Blog - pricing plansOur new pricing plans, at

We're launching this now after we've grown a lot over the last months. We are ready to take the company to the next phase (see previous post).

Our old monetization model was not good enough. It focused on Integration tasks, that is, you paid for an allotment of executions of Integrations. It failed because it was very confusing to users. Lesson: don't ship anything that is confusing or hard to account.

The new plans do away with that complexity.

  • The free plan lets you upgrade your spreadsheet software with Rows. Normal spreadsheet usage is free, including inviting your team. You can add up to 3 Integrations to your account, and share slick spreadsheets everywhere - link and embeds!

  • The paid plans allow any company or spreadsheet wizard to unlock all their data to build the very best spreadsheets. Load all the data Integrations you want, access Premium Integrations (like OpenAI), and use them more intensively, for example with more frequent scheduling options for data imports.

You can check all details here.

We sweated a lot of details, but we also screwed up a bit (yikes).

  • Good: I think our new Premium OpenAI Integration is really, really good. It's aimed at helping users transform data with AI - Summarize, Classify, any task really. We worked a lot to make it convenient: high capacity, fast, and no need for an OpenAI key. If there's one thing to try, it's this Integration. Note: While this is a paid feature, we do include some monthly test executions in the free plan! 🖤

  • Bad: When we released the new pricing, we sent the wrong email to some users. Instead of sending them the "trial email", we sent them a "subscribed to plan" email. This was a terrible screwup, and I apologize to all affected. 🤦‍♂️

On that day, we celebrated the first upgrade from a new user, and now we're back to work.

See you next week.

- H